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Cities of Gold #18

This week’s episode is: Maiden Flight of the Great Condor.


Pedro and Sancho can only think of the gold on the giant condor. When Esteban suggests this is a mysterious place, Mendoza insists on them looking around leaving the children behind. Cocopetal finds string writing in the beak of the condor. Esteban goes up to get it, but then remembers his fear of heights. Tao goes up to help and ends up being the one needing to be resucued. Esteban holds Tao while he gets the string message and Menzoza returns just in time to catch him as he falls. Zia says the message is the Condor is for a time of danger. Pedro and Sancho come back saying there is a problem with an underground passage they found. Going down the passage, they discover a valcano that is quite active. That explains the recent tremors. As they try to escape from the city, the Urubu come to kill them for desecrating their sacred ground. Mendoza gets the center parts of the two medalians, but that seals them inside the city. They go to the condor. Tao recognizes it as being from the people of Heva, with controls being similar to the Solaris. The volcano spits the condor out into the air, but the condor isn’t working. Esteban had grabed the medalian in the wall that made the gold condor appear. It activates the condor and our heroes set out on the next part of their adventure.


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Today’s episode is: The Genuine Truth Behind Truths.

Ed is especially depressed in his discovery of the true nature of how to create the philosopher’s stone. Ross overhears Ed and Al. She keeps Armstrong away. When Al suggests that they double check their findings, Ed gets mad and knocks a tea cup at Al. Ross and her partner go in to make sure everything is alright. She encourages the brothers. It helps that she says not continuing on would be childish. There are four research laboratories used by state alchemists. There used to be a fifth one, but it was shut down. Ed’s instint, however, says to check it out. A prison next door would provide a convinient supply of humans to experiment on. Ross says they will check it out. Ed agrees, but then he and Al sneek out. This is just as well, since Scar shows up. His arm shows him what Ed found out and he sees the location of laboratory five on the map.

Laboratory five has lots of security around it. This makes Ed even more sure it is the right place. They get over the fence. Al helps Ed get into a vent shaft. When Ed gets into the building, he finds a number of traps which he avoids. He then runs into a suit of armor guarding the place. At the same time, another suit of armor attacks Al outside. Ed knocks his armor’s head off, and sees a blood seal, meaning a soul was attatched to this armor just like he did with Al.

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Today’s episode is: Marcoh’s Notes.

Lust is in Central’s first library, but she isn’t the only one. Scar is there too. They start to fight. The library goes boom.

Ed is excited to be in Central. Armstrong turns the two brothers over to two more soldiers, one is a woman named Ross. Ed isn’t too happy about this, but when he hears that Scar is in Central he is forced to accept it. Unfortunately, the library is destroyed. Only a few pages are left. Ed can’t even see if the library had Marco’s work since the list of holdings was also destroyed. Ed remembers a girl who worked there when he first came to Central. Sheska’s house is full of books, yep she is a born book worm. They rescue her from books that fell on her. It turns out she was fired for reading on the job all the time. However, she does remember seeing Marco’s research. They go back to the library and Ed wants to try and transmute it back, but too much of the ash has flown away. However, Sheska has the ability to remember anything she ever read. Ed hires her. In three days, she has written out Marco’s notes.

Meanwhile, Hughes talks with Mustang. It seems he knows Scar was involved with the destruction of the library, but others were involved as well. He also has heard rumors that Mustang will be transfered back to Central soon due to the death of the iron blood alchemist. Mustang is pleased.

Ed and Al work in another library, much to Ross’s distress. She doesn’t feel they can protect the brothers adequately in such a place. Hughes comes for a visit. He’s been busy tracking down Scar, but otherwise his department is at a standstill since all the criminal records they used for their work were destroyed. Ed introduces Hughes to Sheska and Sheska is offered a job. In return, Hughes orders some of his department to protect the library where Ed and Al are working. When Ross protests that this still isn’t adequate, Hughes explains how determined the brothers are and how it is their responsibility to protect them. Marco’s appear to be cook books, but are really in code. Initially, this is more difficult than Ed planned for, but he does break Marco’s code. And he is horrified at what he learns. To make the philosopher’s stone, human lives must be sacrificed.

We learn two things from the fight between Scar and Lust and Glutony. Lust resembles a woman who was with Scar’s brother. And Lust and Gluttony are Homorculi.

Scar wakes up in an Ishbal village. More survived the rebellion than Scar thought. An elder knows Scar is wanted but won’t betray his own kind. Scar doesn’t want to stick arround too long.

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Akage no Anne #30

This week’s episode is: Vanity and Vexation of Spirit.


While Marilla is out at an Aid Society meeting, a peddler stops by Green Gables. After talking with him (outside the house as instructed by Marilla), Anne decides to get some black dye for her hair and to help the peddler’s sick daughter, though later events make me wonder if he did have any sort of daugher at all. At any rate, Anne begins the dye, and the result is startling. Marilla walks home from the meeting with Mrs. Lynde, who says some uncomplamentary though true things about Anne. Marilla sticks up for Anne, but is disappointed to see a dark house with no dinner waiting, contrary to what she instructed Anne. She makes dinner and the dishes are washed and there is still no sign of Anne. She goes up to Anne’s room for a candle that was left there, and finds Anne miserable. The dye made her hair green. Marilla inists on hearing the whole story. She tries washing Anne’s hair out, but the peddler didn’t lie about how well the dye would stay, whatever else he said. Diana comes to pick Anne up for school the next day, but Anne won’t go and Diana is sworn to secrecy. After a week, the dye is still in. Marilla cuts Anne’s hair off. Anne is distressed since her hair was currly and thick, if red. It also is not due to any noble or romantic reason. Diana gives Anne a black velvet ribbon, suggesting they say it is the latest fashion in Charlletown. Anne’s new hairdo causes lots of comment, though no one guesses the real reason. Jocey Pie does say that Anne now looks like a scarecrow, though. Marilla is having more bad headaches lately.

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Sailor Moon #30

This week’s episode is: Grandpa’s Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy.

Rei’s grandfather gets a visit from Zoisite: he seems to hold a rainbow crystal. He holds Zoisite off, and Rei’s crows alert her. They also find a young man, Yuuichirou, on the temple steps and he decides to become a priest on seeing Rei’s beauty. The next day, Rei talks with the other girls about her grandfather. He seems to be eradic lately: mood swings, crazy stunts, practical jokes. Poor Yuuichirou is trying to take it all in stride. Rei and Usagi get in a fight. Ami and Mako leave in disgust. Usagi wanders off and overhears Yuuchiro comforting Rei. He thinks Grandpa’s behavior is due to the unstable weather they’ve been having lately. Usagi decides to play cupid and uses her pen to disguise herself as a fortune teller. Rei knows it is her, and it makes her even madder. At home, Luna comforts Usagi with some sweet buns. Usagi decides to take them to Rei as a peace offereing. However, when she gets there, Zoisite has already got the rainbow crystal inspite of both Grandpa’s efforts and Tuxedo Kamen showing up, and Yuuchirou was knocked out protecting Rei. Usagi transforms, but the monster Grandpa now is chaces them. Rei frezes him with her shrine maiden powers and Usagi turns him back to normal. When Ami and Mako show up later to see how Rei and Usagi are doing, things are back to normal between the two girls^^;

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Today’s episode is: House of the Waiting Family.

Al and Ed arrive home. Winrey and Aunty get to work on making a new arm for Ed, saying it will be ready in three days. His leg needs to be adjusted as well: Ed has actually grown. Armstrong finds it interesting to see the environment where the brothers grew up. While waiting, Ed visits his mother’s grave. Al starts worrying about the fact that some of his memories from before the accident are becoming fuzzy. When he mentions it, Ed starts to say something, but is interrupted by Armstrong. When Winrey sees Ed’s pocket watch from being a state alchemist, she wants to take it appart, but Ed won’t let her touch it. Ed is finally reatatched to his automail limbs, a painful process. Once he has recovered, he and all go spar and Armstrong joins in as well. Ed and Al gang up on him^^; While they are occupied, Winrey takes Ed’s pocket watch and sees what he wrote inside. She returns it and apoligizes. Ed, Al, and Armstrong go visit their old house. The boys remember how their mother would shine a light from the second story window to call them home if they stayed out too late. Winrey does the same. Aunty tells her to just keep waiting – the boys will return someday. The next day, the visitors are off to Central.

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Today’s episode is: That Which is Lost.

Mustang is told by King Bradly he won’t be punished for hiding Marco. In fact, it is even what King Bradly supposedly wanted. As Marco is led off, he drops a paper. When Ed and Al read it, it says to go to Central’s first library, where they will find the truth behind the truth. Ed doesn’t trust the others enough any more to tell them.

Lust and Greed have found the trail of Scar is cold. They go find Dr. Marco. They know the message he left for the Eldric brothers. They want the brothers to continue his research, but it would be bad if some things were find out. They force Marco to tell where he hid his research.

Ed and Al are going to Central’s library, but first they need to get fixed up. Another alchemist can’t fix Al since only Ed has successfully done soul transmutation. Armstrong is sent with them to protect them, both brothers being helpless at the moment. At the station, Hughes tells Ed that Scar was behind Nina’s final fate. He also says he will check Central’s first library for them since he is headed back to Central himself. A little boy overhears everything and tells Scar, who is holding his sister hostage.

Al is mistaken for bagage and left at a station. Ed and Armstrong have to backtrack, but when they arive Al is gone. He was taken by a boy who wants to fight some guys who cause trouble to be accepted. Al ends up doing a bit of alchemy to scare the guy.

Ed, meanwhile, runs off to find Al, ditching Armstrong. A girl ends up stealing his automail leg. However, Ed finds it is for an older man who lost his own leg. He returns Ed’s leg. He was a soldier, losing his leg in a war, and doesn’t feel teh need for a leg replacement. Why? To remember those lost in the war and because he feels compensated with his family and peace now. Ed disagrees, saying he and Al never got any equivilant trade from trying to do human transmutation.

Ed leaves and runs into Al. Armstrong finds them just in time to go catch the train again.

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