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Today’s episode is: Red Shoes.


Skuld has been spying on Loki, and he is perfectly aware of it. The Norns decide to go after Reiya, with Skuld in charge.

Reiya comes over to Loki’s bearing cookies and wearing new red boots that she things Loki got for her. Unfortunately, the boots are from Skuld. The cookies have also bad properties, making Fenrir act strange and knocking Mayura out. Then the boots start making Reiya try to kill Loki. Loki makes Reiya unconcious and Freya appears. The boots start making Freya try to kill Loki. Fenrir, upset about how the cookies made him act, eats one up. Loki gets the other one.

Skuld is upset at how this turned out and goes for her next plan. Narugami brings flowers over to Loki. The flowers burst and lead Loki to where Skuld is. Loki dodges the first attacks, he even saves Skuld. But eventually he gets pinned. But as Skuld is about to kill him, she remembers. She had a crush on Loki. And he told her he liked her red boots. She can’t bring herself to kill him. Loki goes home and has dinner with everyone.


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Tsubasa Manga #20

Fai is devastated with what his curse made him do. Yuuko explains how Sakura’s wish was for herself to be hurt but not dead, her body going to one world, her spirit to the world of dreams in order to save the rest. Yuuko agrees to take them to where Sakura’s body is, Fai’s country of Seryu, since it is in more danger at the moment. An appropraite price is payed. In Seryu, they find King Ashara with Sakura’s body and find out what happened in Fai’s past. Fei Wong has been a busy guy – he gave two curses to Fai, only one of which has been activated. And Fai had a twin brother . . .

The exitement mounts! And I am very happy to learn about Fai’s past. Next time, we find out more about Fai’s past. And will his second curse be activated?

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Cities of Gold #14

This week’s episode is: Esteban’s Medallion.


The children figure out they need the rest of Esteban’s medallion not only to enter the city of gold, but also to get a complete reading from the sun picture and sun dial in High Reaches. Chief Kraka agrees to send his two warriors back down the mountain to find Mendoza and won’t hear of the children going as well, even though Esteban argues that Mendoza will only give it to him. Then news comes that the Spaniards are coming to attack the fort lower down and are bringing a cannon. Kracka won’t fight. His people are already retreating. Esteban sneeks out. Tao and Zia follow. Esteban gets stuck on a rope bridge because of his fear of heights until Tao and Zia help him across.

Meanwhile, Mendoza wants to find the children, but not hurt or scare them like Gomez and Pizaro would. He tricks Gaspar and Gomez into going after Incas then steals the cannon and ammunition. The two Inca warriors help Mendoza and his shadows escape with the cannon and ammunition. The Incas are not happy to see them, though. The two Inca warriors also say how Mendoza told the Spaniards of their movements. The Spaniards are about to be put to death when the children arrive. Esteban tells how Mendoza only wants to give back the rest of his medallion. Mendoza isn’t happy about this, but agrees.

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Akage no Anne #26

This week’s episode is: The Concert Plan.


Finally, Anne is able to go back to school. Most of the students love Mrs. Stacy, and it is easyto see why. She plays ball with the boys, pays attention to all the students, and comes up with interesting ideas. One is to make a school flag. Everyone is given a chance to present their flag idea. And yes Anne, Mrs. Stacy does recognize that composition is a strength of yours. Mrs. Stacy gets the idea to put on a concert around Christmas time. Everyone is to participate. Anne is very excited. She wants to be in the Fairy Queen and gets her wish, though as one of the three angels/good spirits and not the fairy queen. Joycie Pye wanted to be the fairy queen too and was rather upset when her wish was not granted. Marilla isn’t so sure of the venture but sees no harm as long as Anne gets her chores done. Anne promises, but isn’t exacctly faithful to the promise. It isn’t entirely her fault, rehersals are held after school and every student has concert fever. But Marilla has finally had enough and wants Anne to stop this concert nonsense. Matthew, however, is much more understanding and supportive and encorages Anne to go on.

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Today’s episode is: Narugami-kun’s Pure-hearted Story.


The Norns have decided Loki has too many powerful friends. They decide to neutralize Narugami. Virdandi takes this job.

Narugami is working at a burger joint and says hi to the statue outside. Unfortunately, he gets fired. Shortly thereafter, he gets a new parttime job at a dojo. The girl there, Yayoi, apparently has a grandfather in the hospital. Hence, why Narugami is needed to take over. Mayura and Yamino visit and see that Narugami is falling for Yayoi. Yayoi is falling for Narugami as well. And Loki gets another dire prophecy from Virdandi.

When they are alone, Yayoi starts asking Narugami about being the strongest. Narugami says it is only Loki he has never gone full out against. When Yayoi tries to get him to fight Loki, Narugami says he has no reason to fight Loki now. This is when Yayoi bewitches Narugami to go kill Loki.

The next day, Narugami attacks while Loki is still in bed. Yamino distracts Narugami with food, then he and Fenrir race off with a still sleepy Loki. They mess up Heimdall and Frey’s lottery in the market place. They then knock Reiya over, which includes the cookies she made for Loki. So soon everyone is chacing after Yamino and Fenrir (and Loki). They manage to evade the rest, but Narugami finds them and knocks Yamino and Fenrir out. Loki thankfully is awake by that time and agrees to fight Narugami.

Loki doesn’t really want to fight Narugami. He realizes that Yayoi is the cause of this and attacks her, but she is protected. This incenses Narugami who goes for the finishing stroke. But Yayoi is distressed by now. This is not the Narugami she cared about. She stops Narugami and turns him back to normal and then turns into the statue from the burger place. Virdandi had told her she would give her life if she helped kill Loki through Narugami. Virdandi is disapointed, but both Loki and Narugami are tired and have used much of their magic. She as a lightning thing to destroy them, but once again Yayoi intervenes, even though she is a statue now. She is destroyed. Narugami is not happy. You also shouldn’t use lightning against the thunder god. The devise is destroyed and Virdandi retreats. Narugami is devastated.

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Today’s episode is: The Seven-Colored Detective Appears!


This time it is Urd going after Loki.

Yamino finds a bit of evil still left downstairs. Loki puts it in a jar on a chain.

It is another lazy day at the detective agency. They actually get a request by mail. But when they get to the abandoned building all they find is a toy that makes laughing noise. Loki took the case since he sesned on the note a bit of evil aura. Mayura looks at a mirror and makes it fall. Loki knocks her out of the way so it falls on him instead. Loki seems fine so they go back to the detective agency.

The first sign that something is wrong is Loki starts saying punyan. When Fenrir jumps on Loki’s lap, Loki starts acting like him. When Mayura checks to see if Loki has a fever, Loki starts going mystery crazy. Yamino figures out that Loki is copying the people around him and he has seen a curse like that. But by the time he looks it up, Loki has gone off with Mayura to look for mysteries.

Fenrir and Yamino find Loki copying a depressed older man. Because Yamino is draging Loki along, Loki gets excited at a new cooking gadget that was only in the catalogues. Frey runs into them and Loki steals his food. Then they see Mayura and get excited. Unfortunately, calling for Glinbuster doesn’t work quite as planned. Heimdall then show up and he gets scared away by Loki acting like himself. Yamino and Fenrir are almost home with Loki when they run into Narugami. Loki becomes excited about Narugami’s part time job. Then Reiya shows up. Then Loki has no idea who he is any more.

This is exactly Urd’s plan. The more Loki copies others, the more he looses himself. This is when the Norns attack, unleashing a monster.  Freiya is knocked out. Thankfully, Loki starts copying Fenrir’s wolf form and Yamino’s Jormungand form. Narugami helps out too. Then Loki activates his own magic and turns into his true form. The piece of evil protected Loki’s core. Narugami destroys the device that activated the monster and Loki takes care of the monster. The Norns retreat.

There is still a tiny bit of evil left, so Loki gives it to Punyan. Punyan still mostly says punyan, though.

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Sailor Moon #26

This week’s episode is: Smile, Naru-chan! Usagi’s Friendship.

Usagi is worried about Naru not going to school for a week, so with Umino in tow she goes for a visit. Umino keeps making unfortunate remarks, but Naru does agree to go out.

Meanwhile, the other Sailor Scouts are having a meeting. Luna tells them about the rainbow crystals. She also tells about the moon wand and how it signifies the leader. Rei doesn’t want Usagi as leader and she bullies Ami into saying nothing Mako says she doesn’t know them well enough to say anything. When they call Usagi, she says she is busy going out with Naru, much to Rei’s disgust and Luna’s distress.

Zoisite has found the holder of the next rainbow crystal.

Mamoru keeps having dreams about a princess asking for the silver crystal, and there are things he can’t remember.

While out, Naru sees a cemetery and ditches her friends to go their. She tells a priest she sees there about Nephrite and he comforts her. Unfortuately, Zoisite show up. Yep, the priest holds the next rainbow crystal. Luna finds Usagi looking for Naru, and has her follow the moon wand to the cemetary, and just in time. Unfortunately, the monster has already formed. Fortunately, Tuxedo Kamen and then Lyta show up to help. The priest is turned back to normal. And as the rainbow crystal shot out suddenly, Tuxedo Kamen finds it, much to Zoisites frustration.

Mamoru now knows he is Tuxedo Kamen.

Naru is more cheerful now. It helps that Umino saved her from the monster^^;

Luna is sorry she wasn’t able to show a respnsible Usagi to Mako, but Mako says Usagi is very loyal to her friends. Usagi finds a locket dropped by Tuxedo Kamen:)

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