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Tsubasa Manga #19

In this volume, the games continue, with the final contest being quite the climatic one. Meanwhile, Sakura has been busy making plans with Yuko. Able to see a bit into the future, she has seen a future she doesn’t want to happen, and is determined to change it. As explosive as the final match is, the aftermath is even more heart wrenching as the curse Fei Wong placed on Fai activates. Sakura’s actions avert complete disaster, but at a high price.


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Cities of Gold #5

This week’s episode is: The Abduction of Zia.


Zia and Esteban seem to be enjoying the island they landed on. Pedro and Sancho keep getting into trouble, starting with a run in with a tortous. Mendoza roasts the reptile for dinner, but Pedro and Sancho can’t bring themselves to eat it, they go off looking for a more palitable dinner and run into a ton of iguanas, which frightens them. They are even more frightened when they find a person wearing a huge mask. But when Mendoza investigates, the person is gone. That night, Zia and Esteban are woken by the masked figure, who steals some of Mendoza’s navigational instruments. They then abduct Zia. Esteban runs after them, and he goes so far as to swim after them. He arives at another island the next day, and finds a huge tree house. Inside is Zia, the mask, and a boy named Tao. Tao is the last decendent of the empire of Mu, and it seems Zia’s arrival was prophecied, as was someone swiming to the island. After this, Tao is quite friendly and offers breakfast, which is gladly accepted.

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Akage no Anne #17

This weeks episode is: Anne Returns to School.


Mrs. Berry still refuses to let Diana play with Anne. Diana barely convinces her mother to allow her to say goodbye to Anne. They share a tearful farewell. Anne asks for and recieves a lock of Diana’s hair.

Without Diana, Anne decides the only thing left for her is school. She asks Mr. Phelps to sit next to Minnie Fry, a model student. He happily agrees. Most of the students are happy to see Anne back. An apple from Gilbert Blythe does not appease Anne one bit, while a pencil from Charlie Sloan causes Anne’s favor to fall on him. But there isn’t one word or even glance from Diana. At first Anne is troubled by this, but a smuggled note from Diana explains that Mrs. Berry doesn’t want Diana to play or even talk with Anne even at school. Anne sends a reply saying she understands.

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Sailor Moon #17

This week’s episode is: Usagi is a Model? Focus of Demon Camera.

There is a guy from Rei’s school named Kijin who won the national photography competition. When Usagi goes to investigate, Rei makes her back off saying Usagi just wants his autograph since he is famous, not because she truly appreciates his art.

Too bad, Kijin Nephrite’s next target. Nephrite rescues him from sliding off a cliff, where he was trying to get the perfect shot of the sunset. Nephrite curses his camera. Up to this point, Kijin has done nature scenes, but under the influence of the monster in the camera, he wants to take pictures of young ladies. He sends out a notice that any young girl may apply to be his moddel. Usagi naturally wants to go do it. When she tries to tell Ami about it on their new communicators from Luna, Ami isn’t particulary sympathetic. Usagi does get accepted as a moddel, along with Naru and Haruna-sensei. Too bad the only swiming suit she has available has moth holes in it! she covers them with ribbons. Mamoru can’t believe Usagi is a model and has some words on the subject of art to say. Luna, who has been investigating, sees the people disappear when Kijin takes their picture. When Usagi doesn’t believe her, Luna steals one of her ribbons, making her miss the photo shoot and see the truth of her words. Usagi calls the other scouts and transforms and the monster appears. Luna and then Mercury and Mars end up being captured in photos. Usagi gets trapped, but the wall behind her is a mirror. She gets out of the way, and the beam hits the monster instead. Everything turns back to normal, except that Kijin has decided to take a break from photography until he understands what Sailor Moon told him about art, words she got from Mamoru!

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Cities of Gold #4

This week’s episode is: Adrift on the Endless Sea.


The water spout is coming straight for the ship. Not even Mendoza can avoid it. The water spout lifts the ship and drops it. The ship starts sinking. Mendoza goes to free Esteban and Zia. As the crew goes to the lifeboats. Commander Gomez tells Captain Gaspar to go get Zia. He threatans Mendoza, but gets swept away. Mendoza frees the children, but the lifeboats are gone. The ship splits in half, and Mendoza, the children, and his two loayl followers go to the front of the ship. Esteban gets the sun to come out again. Zia tells Esteban a bit about herself, though her father told her not to say anything. It seems her father is the high priest of her people. They see St. Elmo’s fire. When the remainder of the boat starts to sink, they make a raft. Unfortunately, they hardly have any supplies. And sharks have found them. Esteban spots an island, but the current is against them. Mendoza swims past the sharks to the island with a rope and pulls the raft to shore. Everyone is very happy to be on land.

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Akage no Anne #16

This week’s episode is: Diana is Invited to Tea.


It is fall, and Anne brings fall leaves to put in her room, somewhat to Marilla’s displeasure. Marilla also doesn’t fancy all of Anne’s talking while she does chores. When Marilla goes off to a meeting or for a visit, she gives Anne permission to invite Diana over for tea. She won’t let her use the rosebud tea set or the parlor, but does list some treats Anne may serve, including rasberry cordial. Anne goes to tell Diana. They are quite excited and pretend to be oh so grown up. When making smalltalk, the apple harvest comes up, and the two girls go out to eat some apples. When they come back in, Anne serves the rasberry cordial. As she prepares the rest of the tea, she tells Diana a tragic story she made up about Diana getting sick with the small pox. Anne comes to nurse her dearest friend and saves her, but dies when she gets the dread disease. All this time, Diana has been drinking more and more cordial. Diana insists she must go home just as Anne comes in with the tea, and acts irradically. Anne sees her home. Anne is worried the next day. Finally, she gets the story from Mrs. Lynde. Anne got Dianna drunk, and Mrs. Berry is furious. Anne is inconsolable when she tells Marilla. When Marilla sees the bottle that held the offending drink, it turns out to be current wine. Anne, having never had either, had no way of telling the difference. Marilla finds the situation hillarious and absolves Anne of all intentional wrong and sholders the blame herself, but she is far less cheerful when she returns from a visit with Mrs. Berry. Mrs. Berry is stubbern in her belief that Anne ment to intoxicate Diana, and refuses to let Diana have anything to do with Anne any more. When Anne goes herself to try to apoligize, Mrs. Berry is still unmoveable. Anne is heartbroken.

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In Fruits Basket volume 21, after Kyo confesses his past with Kyoko and his involvement in her death to Tohru, Tohru still insists she loves him. He runs off. Tohru runs into a very distressed Akito. She seems to be reaching him, though, when the cliff she is standing on crumbles and Tohru falls. Shigure and Yuki quickly take the situation in hand. Just as well, since Kyo is quite distressed, as is Akito. The good news, Tohru will recover. But Hanajima and Uo won’t let Kyo near Tohru untill he cleans up his act and accepts Tohru’s feelings (which they clearly see he has). There are some nice scenes between Yuki and Kyo as well where Yuki knocks some sence into Kyo and also tells Kyo how he wishes he was him. We also get some sweet scenes between Yuki and Machi. Nice gift, by the way, giving Machi a giant Mogeta:) And a nice return gift, fertilizer. And it seems Momiji at least is willing to start creating a normal relationship with Akito. Just two more volumes to go!

I’ve decided to dropped Clannad. The first episode of the second season was very sweet. But after that . . . half the episodes were sweet. The other half were, to me at least, weird. I watched the first couple episodes of Code Geass. An intreaguing world. But I already have too much on my list. Maybe someday I will go back and watch it. Emily of New Moon is now moving forward slowly but shurely.

The final bit of news, next week here in the US is Thanksgiving. I hope everyone who celebrates it enjoys it to the fullest. The good news is my married sisters are coming over to cellebrate. The bad news is between family activities starting on Tuesday and the nieces and nephew, I can’t count on any anime time next week, though I will do my best to get up my weekly episodes at least. The week after, I will be back on track.

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