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Gundam Seed #19

Today’s episode is: Fangs of the Enemy.

Lt. Rameus and La Flaga are worried about Kira. It seems he has been taking to sleeping in the Strike, not a good sign in their view. They also know about Kira and Frey being a couple, although she was engaged to Sai.

Kira and Cagali get dropped off in town to go shopping for specific items while the leader of Desert Dawn takes Ensign Bageruel (accompanied by another crew member) are taken to a guy who sells things on the black market for more wholesale supplies. It seems leader doesn’t like this seller very much since he doesn’t follow the traditional ways and he holds a monopoly on water. He does, however, have what the Arcangel needs, even weapons, so the deal is concluded.

In the mean while, Cagali and Kira do their shopping, though Cagali isn’t impressed by the list of make-up and skin and hair care products Frey wants (and are not available). They stop for lunch, Cagali introducing Kira to a local dish. A man comes over and tells them the proper way to eat the dish is with yoghert sauce, not the chili sauce Cagali likes. They get into an argument, and Kira ends up with both sauces on his lunch, though he doesn’t seem to mind the results. Unfortunately, lunch is interrupted by an attack by Blue Cosmos on the man with Kira and Cagali. As the attack starts, the man kicks the table into a defensive possition while Kira pulls Cagali down. Kira throws a dropped gun at a man who is aiming at their new friend, then kicks him. When all is done, Zaft soldiers show up to see if their commander is alright. Yep, Cagali and Kira have been having lunch with the Desert Tiger. He insists on taking them to his home since Kira saved his life, and Cagali got food all over her.

At the Tiger’s home, a woman takes Cagali off to get cleaned. Kira and Anderew talk about Evidence 01, a fossel of a fish looking creature except there are wings that was found on Jupiter and that inspired humanity with the potential for progress. Cagali comes in atired in a dress, much to Kira’s shock (which amuses Andrew and his friend Aisha greatly). Wolfelt then asks Kira how they will know the war is done, since there are no rules like with sports. He has figured out that the pilot of the Strike is a Coordinator, and that the pilot is Kira. He decides not to kill Kira and Cagali, since Kira did save his life and they aren’t on a battlefield. And yes, he says the famous line, see you on the battlefield. I think the Tiger rather likes Kira. That won’t stop him from fighting Kira again, though.

Meanwhile, the others go to the meeting spot, and Cagali and Kira aren’t there. When those on the Arcangel hear this, Sai goes and tries to pilot the Strike. He fails miserably. Yeah, Frey is not impressed.


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Akage no Anne #13

This week’s episode is: Anne Goes to School.

Well, it is Anne’s first day of school, and she is so excited she is up early in plenty of time to help Marilla with the chores. Marilla packs her a lunch. Anne meets Diana at a bridge in the woods. They go through a path in the woods that Anne calls Lover’s Lane and then through Violet Vale. Diana names the next stretch Birch Way (not quite romantic enough for Anne). They arrive in plenty of time, and Anne shows where they can stowe their milk in the stream. Diana invites Anne to sit next to her since the seat by her is empty. Mr. Phelps, the teacher then calls class to order. Anne is somewhat embarassed to admit she is only in the fourth reader when everyone else her age is in the fifth reader. Mr. Phelps spends most of his time in the back of the room with Prissy Andrews, who it is rummored he has a cruch on. He does tell another class a poem that enraputures Anne so much, she starts to copy it. Mr. Phelps isn’t pleased with this, especially when the sums she was supposed to be working on were wrong. Anne is not happy about this. But lunch comes, Diana introduces Anne to many people and Anne does an impromptu recital of the poem Mr. Phelps said earlier. When Anne gets home, she reports to Marilla that the day went well, except she doesn’t like Mr. Phelps. But she does like learning and wants to catch up to the others as soon as possible, which part Marilla does approve.

One interesting note, this is a very realistic series. It would be expected that during harvest time, you would wake up at first light to get as much done as possible, and older boys especially would be expected to stay home and help. And yep, just because you go to school doesn’t excuse you from doing chores before and after.

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Sailor Moon #13

This week’s episode is: Girls Unite! The Last of Jadeite.

Queen Beryl isn’t pleased with Jadeite’s recent actions. She will give him one last chance: either he must kill the Sailor Scouts, or he will be placed in eternal sleep. Usagi is dreaming about having a boyfriend and wondering if Mokoti is Tuxedo Mask when Jadeite delivers an ultimatum (that everyone sees since he doesn’t know who the Scouts are), saying he will destroy Tokyo if the Scouts don’t show up at the airport the following evening. Naturally, this is all anyone can talk about at school the next day. A lot of people want to go to the airport, though Haruna-sensei says this isn’t a good idea. What surprises everyone is when Usagi agrees with this as well.

After school, she tells Mokoti her woes about everyone teasing her for being serious for once. After, who should she run into but Mamoru. Usagi isn’t very happy to see him^^;

Well, late that night, the Scouts have assembled to go after Jadeite. Everything at the airport is strangely empty – until they are suddenly attacked. The Scouts transform. When Ami says the attackers aren’t human, Rei takes them out. Unfortunately, Jadeite saw who they are. He also sends some jets after the Scouts. Tuxedo Mask destracts Jadeite, but unfortunately, only Jadeite returns from the bay when they fall in. The Scouts are heartbroken and determined to stop Jadeite. Usagi is “it”. Ami fogs everything over. Then Rei secretly pins an ani-evil sign onto Jadeite so now the planes follow him. Jadeite goes back to the Dark Kindgom before he is killed. Unfortunately, Queen Beryl is so upset with him, she doesn’t even let him say who the Scouts are before he is turned to stone. And we have another general to go after the Scouts: Nephrite. And no, Tuxedo Mask isn’t killed, but is just fine.

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Gundam Seed #18

Today’s episode is: Payback.

With the attack on a near village, half of Desert Dawn go out. The Earth Force personel are recalled to the Arcangel. Lt. Rameus has Mu go on ahead to see what is going on, with Ensign Bagerul leading a secondaryy contingent in slower land vehicles. Miraculously, no one was killed, thanks to the warning the Tiger gave before the attack. The villagers and Desert Dawn are still outraged, and Mu saying that it could have been worse doesn’t really make anyone happy with him, especially Cagali. Most of Desert Dawn decide to go after the Tiger as he returns to his ship, against their leader’s protests. This leads Lt. Rameus to send the Strike out, to keep them from all being killed. In the mean time, Ensign Bagerul directs supplies distribution and medical efforts for the villagers. There’s a rather cute but poignant scene where she sees one boy hurt and crying. She gives him something to eat to make him feel a bit better, and before she knows it she is surrounded by other children hoping for food.

Desert Dawn’s attack of the tiger doesn’t go very well. Cagali’s friend Achmed who always drives the jeep she and her protector ride in is killed, and they nearly don’t escape themselves. Kira’s arrival quickly changes things. He adjusts his energy rifle’s stettings for the effect the desert heat has on the aim (he used a different weapon in the last battle). Wolfelt is interested enough in the pilot in the Strike, he gets into a Baku himself and leads his men in the attack. This pushes Kira into seed mode. Wolfelt withdraws his troops. Kira is upset at Cagali and the others for attacking the Tiger like they did. When Cagali protests, Kira says you can’t protect anything with just your feelings.

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Gundam Seed #17

Today’s episode is: Cagalli Returns.

Lt. Rameus decides to go out and meet with the rebels. Everyone introduces themselves. It seems Desert Dawn only attacked Zaft because they are their enemy, but they think the Earth Alliance is little better. However, since the Arcangel isn’t going to be staying, they are willing to work together for the moment. It also seems that Zaft captured the Earth Alliance area down by Lake Victoria, which includes a catupult to space. Zaft has strong fortifications at Gilbralter. Also, the Arcangel can’t rise to high in the atmosphere. This makes the best route the Red Sea and going arround to Alaska by ocean. But they have to get past the Desert Tiger first.

Cagali is surprised that Kira is piloting the Strike now. She is also not very forthcoming about why she is there. Frey doens’t seem particularly happy to have Cagali arround.

Izak and Dearka, meanwhile, have orders to stay at Gilbralter and to help try to capture or destroy the Arcangel. Izak in particular is eager to comply with this order.

Sai tries to talk with Frey, but she only wants to find Kira. When Kira is found, there is a confrontation between the three of them where Frey tells Sai about spending the night in Kira’s room. When Sai starts to get physical, Kira quickly takes him out. Poor Sai. But Kira does have a point when he says Frey is the only one showing concern for him (even if she does have ulterior motives). Cagali hears this conversation, much to her embaresment. But the conversation is quickly ended when they hear that Zaft is attacking a near by village in retaliation for the attack by the Desert Dawn. Walfelt is really quite humane. He has his aid da Costa tell the villagers they have fifteen minutes to get out of there.

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Gundam Seed #16

Today’s episode is: Buning Clouds of Sand.

The Arcangel has been sighted by Andrew Waltfelt, aka the Desert Tiger. He is the Zaft commander in North Africa.

Sai tries to talk with Frey, being upset about how she acted about Kira earlier. Their parents arranged a marriage between the two of them. He never does end up seeing Frey before Zaft attacks, however, and he has to run off to his battle station. Which is just as well, since Kira was in Frey’s quarters with her. Kira runs off too, and he is quite impatient to go out to fight. Mu can’t since his sky grasper isn’t fully prepared yet (and moble armor is useless in the atmosphere), though the mechanics are working as fast as they can. Kira does get permission to sortie, and he quickly runs into trouble. It is difficult to fight onn the sand. Zaft’s moble suits Bakus, were specifically made for desert warfare. Fortuneately, Kira isn’t a Coordinator for nothing. He readjusts the Strike to be able to fight effectively in this new environment. The Tiger’s main ship fires at the Arcangel. Kira goes seed mode and keeps the misiles from hitting the Arcangel. He is also getting the upper hand against the Bakues, but he’s already used up too much power. That is when the independence group Desert Dawn attacks Zaft. Yep, Cagali is riding with them now. She tells Kira to go to a specific spot where they set a trap. Kira does so, and he manages to get out of the area when the Bakus land. Cagali hits the trigger to set of the explosives they hid there.

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Gundam Seed #14 & #15

Yes, you saw right. Today I could so I did. Two episodes:) Enjoy!

The first episode is: Within Endless Time.

Much of this episode is a recap. We do get some of the Gundam’s features spelled out. Nice, though nothing we couldn’t have figured out if we’ve been paying attention at all. We also get some ruminating and philosophizing by Raul La Cruset. Wat is most interesting is when he goes over the history of how Coordinators were created in the first place. George Glenn did it all: PHD from MIT by 18, silver metal olympian, all American football player, fighter pilot. He left for Jupiter (7 year trip) in a ship he built himself. As he left, he explained his genes were manipulated before birth to make him faster, stronger, etc. To make him a Coordinator. He left the instructions on how to repeat the process that was used himself. Not everyone liked this. Those without speical abilities were jealous, those with couldn’t appreciate those without. George Glenn was assasinated. Along with a lot of other Coordinatiors. That is part of the reason for the Plants and for Zaft. But still, Earth would often try to exploit them. And this leads us up to the Bloody Valentine.

The Second episode is: The Respective Solitudes.

We finally find out what happened after the Arcangel descended to Earth. The Strike is not with the Arcangel and can’t go any direction than down, so the Arcangel moves to where the Strike is. When they land, they are in Northern Africa, far from Alaska and in Zaft teritory. The goal is still to get to Alaska. Kira has contracted a feaver. Anyone else going down just in a moble suit would have died. Frey is very protective of Kira, which worries Sai. When Kira wakes up, at first he doesn’t remember. When he sees the paper flower from the girl, he does remember, he breaks down. Frey is there and takes full advantage of the situation.

It seems Izak and Dearka landed safely in Zaft territory on Earth. Athran remenices.

A group seems to be watching teh Arcangel. And Cagali is with them.

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