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Gundam Seed #4

Today’s episode is: Silent Run.

Both Kira and the Arcangel make it out before Heliopolis completely collapses. On his way back, Kira brings back a lifepod from Heliopolis that is malfunctioning, much to Ensign Bageruel’s dismay.And guess who is in this life pod? The girl Kira likes, Frey. She does not seem entirely comfortable with the idea that Kira is a Coordenator.

After returning to the ship, Athran tells La Cruset about Kira and why he disobeyed orders. He wants to convince Kira that the Naturals are using him. Commander La Cruset agrees to give this a try, and Athran agrees to kill Kira himself if his friend won’t be persuaded.

The good news is the debre is keeping the two Zaft ships from finding the Arcangel. The bad news is it blocks the Arcangel’s sensors as well. Lt. Rameus deicides to head to Artemis, a Eurasian colony and the closest friendly port. They are allied with the North Atantic Earth Forces, but could still cause problems. The Arcangel launches a probe in the direction of the moon where another base is at the same time the engines are fired up. The ship then runs silently.

Unfortunately, La Cruset has already guessed this diversion and he has his ship race ahead to block the way to Artemis, with the other, slower ship coming behind.

Kira is still reluctant to be a soldier, but as Mu says, they are the only ones who can protect the ship. Kira’s friends decide to enlist temporarily to help out since the ship is understaffed. This encourages Kira to do the same and to fight to protect everyone. And just in time. All for of the other Gundams are coming in. Kira is to concentrating on the ship ahead, while Mu is to take his moble armor Zero and hit the ship behind the Arcangel.


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Gundam Seed #3

Today’s episode is: Collapsing Land.

La Cruset is dismayed that the Zaft team did not destroy the Arcangel, though this doesn’t distract him from keeping Mu La Flaga off him. But this is all the opening Kira needs to fire at the Zaft Commander. La Cruset’s moble suit looses and arm, and he retreats. Mu’s team was destroyed, so he requests permision to join the Arcangel. Lt. Rameus is the ranking officer, and after explaining how the captain and most of the crew are dead, she agrees. Then Mu asks about Kira. How is a kid flying a moble suit? He asks Kira if he is a Coordinator, which he is. Many of the Earth Force officers aren’t happy about this, but Kira’s friends deffend him. Lt. Rameus sees how Kira could be there – Heliopolis is a neutral teritory, and with Natural parents, it is not surprising that he could be there. As for what to do next, Mu says they better get going since La Cruset isn’t going to just let them be.

Indeed, La Cruset is looking at the footage Miguel took of the final Gundam in action. He orders Miguel to lead a heavily armed moble suit team back into Heliopolis to take out the final Gundam and the Arcangel. Athran asks to go, but he is refused. He goes out anyway in his new Gundam, the Agis, when the others leave.

Meanwhile, the Arcangel is busy loading supplies. The Earth Force officers can’t let the students off even not taking into account what they saw, since the coloney shelters are now in lockdown. Lt. Bagarul doesn’t like the idea of a Coordinator teenager piloting the final Gundam, the Strike, but it is impossible for a Natural to pilot it with it’s new OS. And if Kira returned it to it’s original state, Mu still couldn’t pilot it more than getting it just to move with it’s old OS. Worse, Mu’s moble armor is still damaged. Kira isn’t happy about the idea of piloting the Strike again, but Zaft attacks again. The Archangel and the Strike launch. After taking out one moble suit, Kira runs into the Agis and Kira and Athran both confirms their worst fear – their childhood friend is piloting the other machine. The Arcangel takes out the other moble suits except the Agis, but firing causes the colony to colapse. The shelters are expeled. Kira is blown out of the colony.

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Special A Anime – Final Thoughts

Well, I have to say I really enjoyed the series. We got to learn some things about the members of the SA: Jun having an alter ego, why Megumi usually won’t talk, Akira’s past. We meet some new people. We also got some couples together: Akira and Toshiro, Megumi and Yahiro, Sakura and Jun, and yes, even Kei and Hikari. Now we just need to find some one for Ryu^^; Okay, so sometimes this series was over the top, but for me that is a part of what made it fun. And while Kei and Hikari finally seem to have an understanding about their own and each other’s feelings, I’m not sure dear Grandfather Takashima has been dealt with. Plus there is still plenty more that could be explored about all of these characters. Which means there could be a second season:) I do think Hikari is rather dense when it comes to her feelings, but I do love her enthusiasm and possitive outlook. She really does embody the philosophy, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. You have to admire her determination and persistance. This is one I will probably watch and enjoy again.

If you don’t like over the top anime or anime that is very character oriented, this is probably not for you, but if you love character development and discovery and find over the top amusing/charming, I would recommend checking this anime out.

My rating: 4/5. Will rewatch again when I need a good laugh or it is a slow, rainy afternoon or evening.

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Gundam Seed #2

Today’s episode is: It’s Name is Gundam.

The good news is that Kira and Lt. Rameus are in the relative safety of the Gundam. The bad news is that Kira’s friends are not, and the Gundam is being targeted by the Zaft moble suit. At first, Kira stays out of the way, but it quickly becomes clear that Lt. Rameus isn’t good at flying the thing. She does manage to activate the Gundam’s phase shift armor, which helps, but only some. After the Gundam gets knocked down, Kira takes over. Immediately, he pilots better. Then he takes a look at the software – woefully inadequate. Clearly, these Gundams are still in the development phase, and as a mater off fact the Zaft infiltraitors had to reprograme their machines as well. The pilot in the Zaft moble suit, Miguel, tells Athran to get out of there. Athran does, rather confused that Kira is there. With Kira’s new program, the suit moves much better. Unfortunately, the only armor it has is knives. This is enough for Kira, though. He stops the Zaft moble suit. Miguel self destructs his suit, knocking out Lt. Rameus.

Meanwhile, La Cruset hears that one Gundam was not retrieved. He goes out in a moble suit to investigate. Mu La Flaga quickly run into each other. For some reason, they have a connection that allows each to know when the other is near. Unfortunately, Mu’s moble armor is no match for La Cruset’s moble suit, though he does manage to stay alive and harry is adversary.

Within Heliopolis, the Arcangel is trapped and most of the crew killed. Ensign Bagarul is one of the few still alive. She takes command of the situation and preps the ship for its first launch with what people are still left.

Lt. Rameus wakes up and is dismayed to find some of Kira’s friends playing with the Gundam. She doesn’t react well to that. She also informs Kira and his friends they are not allowed to leave since the Gundams are top secret information. Kira’s friends don’t react well to that news, but don’t have much choice at the moment. They do help the Gundam get a pack that recharges it and gives it a better weapon than the knives. And just in time because they are spotted by La Cruset. Kira recharges and activates the Gundam in time. Then the Arcangel appears, blasting its way out of it’s dock.

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Akage no Anne #8

This week’s episode is: Anne’s Impressions of Sunday School.

Akage no Anne continues to have amazing animation, especially background wise.

Marilla makes Anne three new dresses. Unfortunately, Anne while thankful, isn’t entirely enthusiastic since these dresses are all plain, even the one ment for Sunday. The next day is Sunday. Marilla was planning to take Anne to church, but she has a bad headache. Matthew never goes for some reason. Anne agrees to go by herself and has prepared by learning her Sunday School lesson. Anne is distracted by a field full of flowers, and makes herself a wreath for her hat. In doing this, she misses Mrs. Lynde with whom she was to meet. Outside church, Anne daydreams and misses the point when everyone else goes in for services. She makes a scene entering, and Mrs. Lynde is mortified both by this and by the embeleshments on her hat. Anne is more enchanted by the Lake of Shining Water which she can see out the church window than in the pastor’s message. At Sunday School, Anne doesn’t manage to make any friends. When she reports to Marilla later, she says so, and also wonders why the teacher asked her so many questions but wouldn’t answer any that she asked. Anne did discard the flower wreath before reaching home, but Mrs. Lynde came over and reported that part. This upsets Anne, but Marilla goes after her and brings her home. Yes, by the time Anne comes home from church, Marilla is thankfully feeling better.

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Sailor Moon #8

This week we get introduced to my favorite of the Inner Senshi: Sailor Mercury! To celebrate, here are a couple screencaps.

This week’s episode is: Is the Genius Girl a Demon? Brainwashing Cram School.

This time, the Dark Kingdom has decided to gather the energy created by students desperately studying. Meanwhile, Luna is warned from someone through the Sailor V game at the arcade that a student at Usagi’s school could be a monster from the Dark Kingdom.

The next day, Usagi’s scores are not good at all. The top not only of the school but of Japan is a girl named Ami. Others, including Naru and Umino, think Ami must be a snob. Usagi decides to befriend Ami anyway. She does have an ulterior motive: with a friend like Ami, her grades might improve. Usagi takes Ami to the arcade, where Ami blows away the Sailor V program. Ami then runs off to cram school, but leaves a computer disk behind. (Yeah, remember those?) Usagi goes to return it, but is warned by Luna who thinks that Ami is the monster. They go check the disk out back at Usagi’s school. It has a brainwashing program on it. Luna gets Usagi to go back to the cram school where she confronts a confused Ami as a nurse and then transforms into Sailor Moon. Unfortunately, Ami isn’t the monster, the teacher is and she takes Ami hostage. Usagi doesn’t do too well fighting. The monster can’t be brainwashed. Luna figures by the symbol on Ami’s forehead that she is a Sailor Scout. She gives Ami a transformation pen and Ami turns into Sailor Mercury. She crates a fog that confuses the monster, giving Sailor Moon a chance to finish the monster off. Usagi is happy to have a fellow Scout.

Gotta love the part where Mamoru catches Luna talking and Luna and Usagi freek out^^;

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Gundam Seed #1

One quick note: you probably have noticed that I stopped adding pictures to my Sailor Moon posts. I also won’t be including pictures for any Gundam. Sorry, but there are already plenty out there. I will only be including pictures for works I especially like, or for ones like Akage no Anne that are less well known and less available. So on that note, on to Gundam Seed.

Today’s episode is: False Peace.

We start with some background. Humans have expanded to space. There are humans with advanced abilities called Coordenators. The two groups don’t get along too well. Coordinators primarily live on colonies called Plants. Over a year ago during a battle during the two sides, a Plant colony was destroyed by a nuclear weapon. This event is known as the Bloody Valentine Incident. The two sides have been fighting hard ever since. Early predictions that the normal humans would quickly overwhelm the Coordinators with their numbers were unfullfilled.

We go to Heliopolis, a neutral colony of Orb and meet Kira and some of is friends from a technical¬† college. Toli and Merialia came to get Kira for their professor. It seems Kira has been earning extra credit. On their way, they run into Frey and her friends. She got a letter from a guy named Sai, and her friends want to know about it. Toli is curious too, since Sai is one of their classmates and he knows Kira has a crush on Frey. Once back at the school, the professor isn’t arround, but a person named Cagali is.

Meanwhile, an Earth Alliance ship has just arrived at Heliopolis with some young pilots. They are the for the Aliance’s special new weapons, moble suits known as Gundam. Unfortunately, Zaft, the military arm of the Coordinators, knows about this. In spite of some hesitation on the part of some members of the counsel, Raul La Cruest launches a preemptive strike. Ace veteran pilot Mu La Flaga manages to get out in a mobil armor to fight the Zaft, but the ship he came in with the new pilots is destroyed. Ensign Bajeruel is with the Alliance ship the Archangel when it is hit by Moble Suits, killing most of the other officers on board. Meanwhile, moble suits and an infiltration team go after the Gundams, which are being moved by Lt. Rameus.

Kira and his friends make it to a shelter, when their guest runs off. Kira goes after and finds out that she is a girl. Cagali sees the Gundams and is quite upset by them. Kira gets her into a shelter, but they don’t have room for him. Three of the infiltration team, Izack, Dearka, and Nicol, get their Gundams and head back to Commander La Crusett. Two others, Rusty and Athran, go after the last two Gundam. Lt. Rameus is surprised to see a kid not in a shelter, but Kira is having a bit of trouble getting to one. After warning her of an attack, Kira obeys her order and goes to her. She manages to kill Rusty. Athran is enraged, but is stopped by the sight of Kira. They are childhood friends. Lt. Rameus chases Athran off, who gets the fourth Gundam. She then pushes herself and Kira into the final Gundam. Destruction rains down on them as the Gundam is activated.

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