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Fruits Basket #10

Today’s episode is: Make it Clear if it’s Black or White.

Kyo and Yuki are bickering again as Tohru is shopping. Yuki uses leeks to quiet Kyo down. When they get home, Yuki isn’t feeling his best – he as a cold. Unfortunately, when Kyo hears there is an endurance race at their school the next day, all his competativeness is brought out. Yuki must race with him the next day, though Tohru is worried. The next day, Tohru starts running with the girls. Uotani skipped school and Hanajima is walking. Eventually, she gives up. She would rather read or play cards.

When the boys start running, Yuki and Kyo leave everyone else behind. Meanwhile, Tohru sees someone with white hair down by the banks of the river. She stops to investigate worried that it is an old man in trouble, but it is Sohma Hatsuharu, one year younger than Yuki and Kyo. As they come up, Hatsuharu pulls a rope to stop them. Why? He wanted to have a match with Kyo during New Years, but he never showed. (Neither did Yuki actually.) Kyo would rather finish his race with Yuki, but Hatsuharu won’t take no for an answer. He’s been looking for Kyo for three days – terrible sense of direction. When Kyo still persists in refusing, Haru turns into Black Haru – mean, angry, uncontrollable. He quickly gets Kyo to fight. The fight continues until Yuki has an attack brought on by his cold. Haru hugs Tohru to change – he is the Ox. That is how they get Yuki home.

Once the excitement has died down and Haru has called Hatori, Haru is back to his usual easygoing, nice self, much to Kyo’s disgust. Haru tells Tohru about how he used to hate Yuki for being the Rat since the Rat rode the Ox’s back to the banquet. But after finally yelling at Yuki about this, Yuki told Haru how he doesn’t think he is stupid and Haru realized he had been judging Yuki. He is also pleased that Yuki and Kyo aren’t quite so antagonistic. Tohru calls Yuki by his name for the first time, and Yuki turns into the Rat^^;

Kyo and Shigure get sick as well after joining Hanajima for card games outside.


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Fruits Basket #9

Today’s episode is: A Solitary New Year.

Today’s episode has everyone cleaning Shigure’s house for New Years, even Uotani and Hanajima. Well, almost everyone. Shigure keeps trying to dodge his editor Mitsuru. The poor woman. The worst part is that Shigure is actually done with the manuscript. He just likes teasing her. The sliding paper door keeps getting recked and while it isn’t entirely Kyo’s fault, is is involved each time, much to Uotani’s annoyance. And Hanajima’s work on the bathrooms is nothing less than gothic art.

Tohru finds out that all the Sohmas, including Kyo, are expected at a special Sohma family celebration. Yuki and Kyo both don’t want to go, but Tohru urges them to go spend time with their families. Knowing that Tohru will never spend time with the mother she loved so much again, they feel compelled to go. They run into Hanajima on their way over, and she says how she is worried about Tohru spending her first New Years all alone with no family and friends. Yuki and Kyo decide to go back, and it is a good thing they did since Tohru was lonely and missing her mother. The three of them enjoy the sunrise together on New Years Day and make a wish for the new year. Kyo’s wish is of course to beat Yuki^^;

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Fruits Basket #8

Today’s episode is: Don’t Cry, For the Snow will Surely Melt.

Today’s episode could also be called Hatori’s past, because that is exactly what we learn when Tohru goes over to pay her promised visit. Hatori tells Tohru how unusual it is that someone like her should know about the Sohma curse, and he wants her to leave Shigure’s house. Momiji explains that Hatori used to have a girl friend named Kana and they even became engaged, but Akito became enraged forbade the marriage and hurt Hatori’s left eye. Kana was devastated, and Hatori ended up having to erase her memories of him. Tohru realizes from this that Hatori is really trying to protect her. This is also her first inkling of the curse side of being one of the zodiac. We see Hatori’s zodiac form when Tohru slips and he catches her – the year of the dragon . . . in the form of a sea horse^^; We and Tohru also see Akito really for the first time, though we don’t actually meet him.

Interesting question Kana put to Hatori (and then Hatori to Tohru) when snow melts, what does it become? Both Kana and Tohru have such an optimistic answer: spring!

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Fruits Basket #7

Today’s episode is: A Plum on the Back.

It is the time of the school’s cultural festival. Tohru’s class is selling onigiri. Yuki is annoyed at Kyo for getting along so well with everyone while Kyo is jealous of Yuki’s leadership. Nice thought by Tohru about how people sometimes only see special things about others and not what makes them special. And poor Yuki has to put on a dress for the cultural festival, thanks to some Senior girls^^; And in the midst of the culture fest, who should show up but two new Sohmas! Momiji certainly gets points for exuberance. He is the rabbit, and has a talent for annoying especially Kyo. He purposefully hugs Tohru, much to the other Sohma’s dismay. Yuki has to distract everyone. Hatori, on the other hand, is an adult and acts like it. He is a doctor and checks Yuki’s lungs – he has week bronchial tubes. He also gets a picture of Yuki and Kyo together for Akito. Hatori’s real reason in coming, though, is to invite Tohru over to the main Sohma house to talk with him on her next day out. Tohru is really nervous about this, especially when Yuki warns her that Hatori isn’t a bad person but he was the one who erased the memories of her friends.

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Four New Series First Thoughts

So last week, I met with a fellow anime fan, and she suggested three new series. And this inspired me to try a fourth. I have seen the first two episodes of all of them.

Special A is a high school comedy. Hikari has always been second best to Kei ever since he bested her in a wrestling match as a young girl. Hikari even followed Kei to a prestigious school to keep competing with him. Everyone is in classes according to grades. Then there is the Special A (SA) class, consisting of the top seven students in the school. Hikari is second in the school, with Kei being first. Hikari has yet to beat Kei in anything, no matter what challenge she comes up with. It seems, though, that Kei is the only one allowed to tease Hikari.

This series is a solid 3/5. Very funny so far, I can see where romance can be added too. But unless the characters grow, it will only be worth watching once.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran features a first year Jr. High Student, Ran, who is very cheerful and energetic. And as she learns in the first episode, she is also a telepath. She meets a new girl in her class, Midori, who is also a telepath and has a much more cynical outlook on their abilities and normal people. Then there is Rui, Ran’s childhood friend. Add in mysterious things happening, and you have an interesting series.

This series gets 4/5 so far. The character interaction is interesting, and there is lots of room for them to grow as well. And I want to find out what is really going on.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama is the story of two brothers. Noboru is the head of the ancient Mizuchi clan (news to him!) and Tooru the younger has strong magical power. Not surprising since the Mizuchi clan has a long line of priestesses that control water. Unfortunately, their power is dwindling, and the two brothers are the only heirs. And Tooru is being targeted. So the kitsune Tenko Kugen is awakened and agrees to protect the two boys for their deceased mother’s sake. Life with a kitsune, though, is very interesting to say the least.

So far, this rates a 4/5. Interesting characters, with plenty of room to grow. I look forward to seeing where the story takes us.

Natsume Yuujin-Chou is my favorite of the new series so far. Natsume can see spirits. He has just arrived in the area where his grandmother used to live, and he gets particularly bothered by spirits, more than normal. He frees a fortune cat who is more than it seems. It is looking for Natsume’s grandmother’s book in which she wrote the names of all the spirits she defeated – something a lot of spirits are interested in since names control the spirit. Natsume actually has the book and the fortune cat agrees to help protect him as long as he gets the book when Natsume is dead. Natsume wants to return the names to their rightful owners.

This gets a 5/5 so far – returning spirits names only touches the surface of what is going on, and the characters and world are so well developed.

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Akage no Anne #4

This week’s episode is: Anne’s History.

On the way to White Sands to see Mrs. Spencer, Marilla asks Anne to tell her history. At first Anne is reluctant – she doesn’t want to remember herself, and why bother when she won’t be staying at Green Gables? Eventually, Anne does tell her history. She was born to high school teachers, but they both contracted typhoid and died about three months later. Even then, no one (her parents excepted) seemed to want her. The cleaning woman, Mrs. Thomas, finally agreed to take the baby in. Her husband was a drunk, and eventually was killed by a train. Then Anne was sent to live with the Hammond family to take care of their eight children, three of which were twins. When Mr. Hammond died, Anne was sent to the orphanage where she remained until Mrs. Spencer came. Anne finishes her history as they approach White Sands.

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Sailor Moon #4

This week’s episode is: Usagi Will Teach You! The Way to Get Slim.

Usagi ends up quite distressed when she finds out she has gained weight. The cure? Dieting and exercising at a new fitness place with her classmates. Haruna-sensei has already been going there, and Usagi and Naru make Umino spill the beans on it’s location. Unfortunately, this is yet another plot to get more energy from humans by Jadeite and the Dark Kingdom. Usagi ends up in a bubble bath while her friends get their energy zapped. Usagi is still so exhausted that she ends up fainting in Mokoti’s arms. After feeding her, he gives her encouragement that chubby girls are cuter, but that is immediately dashed by Mamoru. Usagi goes back to the fitness place, but is interrupted by Luna, who has been sneaking around and overheard Jadeite saying that Haruna-sensei is almost used up and will die soon – and Haruna-sensei is being drained as we speak. Usagi transforms to Sailor Moon. Jadeite sends some fitness guys after her. Usagi gains courage when Luna tells her that fighting will help her loose weight. The guys are being controlled by head bands, though, and Usagi breaks them with her tiara. Everything once again goes back to normal. Including Usagi still being upset about gaining weight.

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