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First, sorry if there was any confusion yesterday. I accidentally put up a post on this blog that was meant for my sci fi blog. If you would like to see more of that, feel free to look around here.

Second, Shiten, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aham. Now that we have that out of the way . . .

Today’s episode is: Kayura! Awakening to Knowledge.

So Shiten and Kayura go at it. The Masho also want to fight Shiten. Badamon has the evil spirits collect the Troopers and deposit them in some of the towers. Then, much to the Masho’s shock, they get collected up as well. Kaosu and Shiten are right: Arago only was using them and only wanted their armors. They will never be loyal to Arago again. Now, Shiten is the only one left. Unfortunately, the can’t get Badamon out of Kayura. Shiten gets put in the last tower. Now, the evil spirits are busy creating a gate that will join the Youjakai and the real world together. As soon as Shiten is gone, Badamon/Kayura go after the Inochi no Madatama, the one thing Arago and Badamon still fear. They almost get it, but Byakuen saves the day. Meanwhile, Shiten gets rid of his armor and retrieves the sakujo which takes care of the evil spirits. He arrives again on the scene in time to save Natsuei, and then retrieves his armor again. He decides to give his life to save Kayura, which he does, using his armor to force Badamon out. Kayura now is the Oni Masho and as a member of the clan of Kaosu also possesses the sakujo. Sadly, this effort was too much for Shiten, and he dies, though since the Inochi no Madatama sparkled then, there may be a part of him that is still alive. Sniff. Let us have a moment of silence.

Kayura is now completely free of Arago’s control and with her memories intact as well. She is sad about what she did, even if it was under Arago and Badamon’s control. She goes off to fight Arago. Jun and Byakuen go off to save the Troopers and Masho. Jun makes it to Ryo, but almost gets nailed by demons when he is saved by the Inochi no Madatama. It also frees the Troopers and Masho. Even Arago notices this disturbance, and is angered by what he sees as defiance by the Troopers and Masho.

Long, long ago when I first saw this on syndication, I think the episode where Anubis, Mia, and Jun found the Jewel of Life was the first episode I saw. (I’m using the English names for this paragraph, since that is what I originally watched.) So shortly after that, we came to the end of the series, including this episode, which really stuck in my mind. I was quite anxious to see the whole story (especially when in the first episode Anubis was bad?!?) and was quite saddened when Ronin Warriors got pulled before coming to the end again. At least they got through the first season! We didn’t have cable either, so the sci fi channel was not an option. But when it went to Toonami on Cartoon Network and there was cable in collage, I was determined to finally see it all. And I did, mainly for Anubis. I really like Rowen and Sage, Ryo is fun (especially when he goes into angst mode), and White Blaze is just too cool. But my first favorite was always Anubis.

Finally, tomorrow is the last episode of the series. Look forward to it!


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Today’s episode is: Revival of Red Thunder.

The Troopers are rested and ready to go, but Shiten is still wondering about Kayura. Disappointed, the Troopers go off to defeat Arago, leaving Natsuei and Jun with Shiten. Once they run into demons, the boys quickly armor up. Although numerically the odds seem against them, it still seams a little too easy.

The reason why? Arago and Badamon are at the moment more concerned about Kayura. She will not go under their control again, and remembers her past as a member of the clan of Kaosu. Badamon proposes that he possess Kayura after absorbing tons of negative power from the other evil spirits. Shiten realizes who Kayura is when the sakujo reacts during this. When the Troopers get close to Arago’s palace, Kayura appears and sends an energy ball at them. Even with the power of the Kikoutei armor with the Go Retsu Ken is overcome by this energy ball.

Meanwhile, almost as soon as Shiten has figured out who Kayura is, the three Masho on Arago’s orders attack. When Shiten sees the energy ball and realizes the Troopers are in trouble, he uses the sakujo to split the Earth and runs off. Too bad he arrives too late. The energy ball has pounded the Troopers into the ground. Shiten quickly realizes Kayura is posessed by Badamon. And the three Masho are right behind him. But before he can do anything, the sakujo is replaced with the helmet of the Oni Masho. Shiten figures this must be what Kaosu wants him to do, so he dons his armor (without helmet) and prepares to take on Kayura.

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Today’s episode is: Final Battle! Kayura vs. the Inferno Armor.

The Troopers are ready to take on Kayura. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one they have to deal with. The three Masho are still around. They separate Ryo, Shuu, and Shin out. I don’t think they like Kayura very much. Shin deals with the water they run into, but then they get separated out again. Anubisu plays with Shin in the dark. Rajura makes himself super huge compared to Shuu. Naaza traps Ryo in a room full of poison. Meanwhile, Touma and Seiji aren’t doing much better against Kayura. Double teaming her, Seiji does manage to almost scratch her amulet, which she doesn’t like. They soon get distracted by demons attacking Jun and Natsuei since Inochi no Madatama is currently inactive.

Shiten rushes to where the others are, remembering how the sakujo wouldn’t let him destroy Kayura. The sakujo helps Shiten find Ryo, Shin, and then Shuu. He quickly deals with their respective Masho. They are quickly reunited with Seiji and Touma and they form the Kikoutei. Kayura does her ultimate attack, but it doesn’t have any effect on Ryo. Then Ryo calls his ultimate attack, and breaks Kayura’s amulet. She then seems lost, not knowing what is going on or maybe even who she is. Before Ryo can finish Kayura, Shiten stops him. Arago recalls Kayura. Shiten explains how the sakujo wouldn’t let him hurt Kayura. Hmmm. I wonder why that could be. Be excited for the climax!

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Today’s episode is: Revive, Armored Warriors!

Kayura goes after Ryo and Touma again, while Shiten and Byakuen protect Natsuei and Jun. Gotta love the scene when Byakuen grabs a scythe and starts fighting demons with it^^; Unfortunately, Touma and Ryo just can’t get past Kayura. They need the Kikoutei armor, and Touma allows himself to be captured to see if he can find the other Troopers and rescue them. When Kayura then goes after Ryo, Shiten intervenes and tells the Rekka warrior to go find the others while he deals with Kayura. Kayura can’t get past Shiten’s shakujo, but the shakujo also won’t let Shiten finish Kayura off. The Inochi no Madatama protects Natsuei and Jun from demons. The Touma meanwhile uses his arrows to try and revive the others who have been turned to stone. Ryo runs into the Masho, who have been supercharged by Badamon. Natsuei and Jun find Ryo and the Masho. The Masho don’t like the Inochi no Madatama, but Kayura isn’t affected by it. Luckily, before she can attack, the other Troopers arrive. Touma’s gamble paid off. The Troopers are reunited again, but they are deep in the Youjakai facing one of their worst foes.

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Shion no Ou

So I finished watching Shion no Ou this past week. Boy, was it exciting. For those who don’t know, it features shogi, but if anyone thinks this is just a game anime, they would be wrong. Our protagonist, Shion, lost her parents when she was five to a murderer. This was so traumatic, she lost the ability to speak. She was adopted by the next door neighbors, and the husband is a professional shogi player. Naturally, Shion gets into shogi as well. For her, it is a way to communicate and possibly find her parent’s murderer since one of the few clues left was a king piece on her father’s forehead. Shion isn’t the only one with an interesting story. Ayumi is a young man who plays as a young woman. It is more difficult to move up ranks in the shogi world as a man, and he desperately needs the money so his mother can have an operation that could save her life. The shogi world, the relationship between the woman’s league and men’s league and the media, is all interesting. Many of the characters change and grow and develop and break ties to others. The murder scenes are bloody, but for all that fairly tastefully done. And the identity of the murderer and their reason for it will surprise you.

I give Shion no Ou 4.5. I will watch this again, and would get it if it were here in the states.

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Today’s Episode is: Heavens, Wounded in Battle.

Touma and Ryo continue their journey to Arago’s castle. They are found again. When they try to get over a wall, it turns out to be sticky, and sucks them into another area. They armor up before a ceiling comes in and blast their way to another room, where they find Kayura. She says what they are looking for is behind her if they can get past her. Lier, but Ryo believes her. He does his surekill, but Kayura jumps out of the way, and Ryo’s blast hits a large statue which drains Ryo of all his power. Byakuen catches him, but this leaves Touma as the only Trooper able to do anything. He blows a hole to the surface and has Byakuen escape with Ryo. When Kayura tries to go after Ryo, she is blocked by Touma who tells how he is willing to sacrifice to save Ryo, something Kayura doesn’t understand. They both do their surekills. Too bad Touma’s Tenku Ha isn’t strong enough. He is blown away into the air. Thankfully, air is his element and he is rejuvenated. He spots Byakuen with Ryo in a boat, and goes to hover over them to protect Ryo.

Meanwhile, Natsuei gives the Inochi no Madatama to Jun. Shiten wonders what he should be doing. They all see the Youjakai start to be reflected in the real world due to the battles up there. Eventually, Shiten is inspired by the Inochi no Madatama and the sakujo to use both to get to the Youjakai. This they do very handily just after Kayura beats Touma again. The sakujo restores both Touma and Ryo.

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Xxxholic Kei, Run Run

So I have finally seen all of Xxxholic Kei. I loved the spider-woman arc and Himawari’s story. Some of the one-shots were pretty fun too, like the dream seller and the last episode with the thunder beast. I feel for Kohane, but even animated her arc is not my favorite. Still, it was nice to have a few stories that took more than one episode. All the characters are still their old selves. Watanuki especially grows and changes. There were a few liberties taken with the manga, probably because anime wise, Tsubasa has crossed with Xxxholic but Xxxholic has yet to cross with Tsubasa, but this was handled reasonably well. At least CLAMP had their eye on the anime the whole time, some of the scripts even being written by them. If you didn’t watch the first season, you probably won’t want to watch this first, but anyone who has seen the first season will love Xxxholic Kei. Now to wait impatiently for the new year when the new Tsubasa and Xxxhholic OVAs come out.

Final score, Xxxholic Kei gets 4/5. I will probably watch this again.

So I saw the first episode of Hana no Ko Run Run. This is such a shoujo anime. Cute heroine who is an orphan (she lives with her grandparents), check. Cute sidekicks (cat and dog), check. Cute outfits even when they are more boyish, check. Flower themes everywhere, check. Mysterious, handsome young man who will probably have the habit of showing up in the nick of time to help our heroine save the day, check. For some people, so much cuteness will not be a plus, but personally I enjoyed it and have high hopes of some interesting character interactions and growth.

So far, Hana no Ko Run Run gets 4/5. It is too cute not to keep watching.

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