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Today’s episode is: The Legend of the Armor Revealed!

So the guys fight the Masho some more while Ryo gets blasted away by Arago again. After getting back up and going after Arago again, Ryo is blown away. Byakuen is worried so he goes up the bridge to help along with Natsuei and Jun. The other Troopers also rush to Ryo and with their virtues boost Ryo’s armor up again. Arago, meanwhile, has recalled the Masho and talks them into giving him their armor. Arago then goes after the Troopers, saying they originally belonged to him. He goes after Ryo first, and Ryo is weakened enough that he looses his full armor. First Shin, then Touma fall. Shuu is upset enough about this to use his sure kill on Arago, but it doesn’t work. The three are absorbed by Arago. Ryo has long since urged Byakuen to take Natsuei and Jun somewhere safer. They are cornered, but Shiten arrives and helps them. He felt the Troopers, and he escaped the evil spirits. Seeing Ryo reviving, Seiji goes after Arago, but he has no better luck and is absorbed too. Shiten arrives and he and Ryo attack Arago together with their sure kills, but again it doesn’t work, and he too gets absorbed. Now Ryo is left alone to face Arago and save the world. Can he do it?


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Sorry I missed yesterday, but it was rather crazy. Let’s just say it involved probably a good four hours at two different doctors offices, not including travel. No nothing serious, and not me, I was transportation. Just . . . time consuming. But I am glad I was able to help out. To make up for it, I have two episodes for you today. Enjoy!

Yesterday’s episode (yes, I did manage to watch it, yesterday, just not blog it) was: Kaos: A Battle For Life.

Kaosu has a chat with the Troopers, congratulating them on how well they have done thus far. When asked about their armor, Kaosu says that their armor is the same as the armor of the Masho, and it has the potential for both good and evil within, but as long as they are true to their virtues, the Troopers will be alright. Which is why Kaosu saved Shiten from both Arago and the Troopers: Shiten is starting to question Argo. So when Shiten awakes, he and Kaosu have a nice heart to heart talk, where Kaosu proves that Argo cares nothing for Shiten, just his armor. He also shows Shiten that he also has a virtue: Chu, or loyalty. Shiten must be completely obedient to his master, but he has the right to choose his master. Shiten decides he chose the wrong master. Arago won’t have any of it, though. He sends the other three Masho to bring back Shiten, whether he likes it or not. The Troopers interfere, but then Arago interferes and Shiten is brought back to the Youjakai. He will never willingly serve Arago again, however, and tries to talk some sense into the other Masho, but they won’t listen. Instead, they ask Arago to get powered up by the evil spirits, just as Shiten was earlier. Meanwhile, the Troopers assure Kaosu that if they can get into the Youjakai, they will defeat Argo. So Kaosu sneaks off and attracts Argo’s attention. Arago kills Kaosu, but Kaosu uses his death to create a bridge to the Youjakai. All the Troopers are saddened by this.

Today’s episode is: Plunge into Argo’s Heart.

The Troopers won’t waste Kaosu’s death, and ascend the bridge to the Youjakai that he made, leaving Byakuen behind with Natsuei and Jun. Once there, they get swarmed by demons, so they call their full armor. Argo disperses them. Seiji ends up facing off against Anubisu again. Shin and Ryo are trapped by Naaza, but Shin frees Ryo to fight Arago, and takes on Naaza on his own. Touma and Shuu are ensnared by Rajura. Touma shoots his arrows in all directions to find the Gen Masho, and Shuu tackles him, leaving Touma to go finght Argo as well. Ryo finds Arago, as does Touma, and they demand the release of the humans he captured. Argo won’t do that, however, since the evil spirits and he himself feed on negative human emotion, and as long as anger, hate, fear, despair, etc. exist, so will they. He then blows the two Troopers out of his palace. Meanwhile, the other Troopers and the three Masho have found their way back outside as well. Meanwhile, Shiten is trapped by evil spirits, but he can sense that the Troopers have come . . .

Two notes. First, this is one of the more visually interesting episodes since we get to see the places the Masho have made for themselves within the Youjakai. It looks like a fair amount of effort was put into it too.

Second, nice going Touma finding Rajura. He and Seiji don’t face off against the Gen Masho very much. Shuu and Rajura are interesting because they are opposites, but Touma or Seiji against Rajura are at least as interesting if not more so to me since those three are much more similar. Of course, maybe that would be too easy, and Anubisu against Seiji is always great, and Touma has some great scenes later with Lady Kayura . . .

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Today’s episode is: Shiten, A Fight Without Soul.

So our heroes find there way back to each other, but the damage has been done. Shuu now doubts his armor, just as Arago intended. And in the mean time, Arago has been powering up a very reluctant Shiten with his evil spirits and sets the Oni Masho loose on the Troopers. The Trooprs quickly realize Shiten is more powerful than before, and call their full armors, except for Shuu who find he no longer can. One after one, Shiten pounds on them, including Shuu in sub armor. Finally, Jun gets in the way and is hurt. This rouses Shuu’s virtue of Gi, and he is able to call his armor, and with it, he blows Shiten away. Argo recalls the unconscious Shiten, but Kaosu interferes. He tells the Troopers they have done well thus far. Now that Kaosu is showing himself, will the Troopers get some answers about their armor?

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Today’s episode is: The True Nature of the Armor.

The Troopers are again separated, just as Arago planned. Shuu and Touma meet up, but they are almost immediately separated again. Rajura is in charge of this plan, using his illusions. Shuu finds himself in a world full of armors that keep fighting each other. Arago and Rajura both argue that the true nature of the armor, Masho or Trooper, is to fight. Rajura “proves” it by making Shuu fight him, and seeing how much Shuu enjoys it. Shuu eventually blows Rajura away, but Arago’s goal is accomplished. When Touma (who became very suspicious when they got separated again) meets up with Shuu again, Shuu has lost confidence in his armor.

Some may argue that Shuu is the large, dumb type, but I would argue that this episode proves the opposite. Yes, Shuu might not be the greatest intellectual light of the Troopers, but part of the reason Rajura’s trap worked so well on Shuu was because Shuu could see the implications of what Rajura and Argo were suggesting, the other being that Shuu cares. Just a thought.

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Victorian Romance Emma Act 1

This is a wonderful story! It has not disappointed at all. Emma is a maid to a Mrs. Stownar. One fateful day, an old pupil of hers, William Jones, comes to visit his old governess, and it is love at first sight.  Only one problem: they are of different classes.  The Jones family have gained their wealth through business and industry, which has opened many doors for them, but they are not titled. William is expected to marry at least someone with money or a title. Mrs. Stownar and other friends, however, are not so easily discouraged. They are determined for the two lovebirds to end up together, even though it is impossible. The ending of season one is sad, but thankfully, there is a season two, which is next on my list.

Not only is this one of the sweetest stories, it is also quite historically accurate from what I can tell from the English history course I took in collage. This story is as historical as it is romantic. The animation is often beautiful. Best of all, we get to see Emma fall in love for the first time in her life, and watch how William becomes a stronger person, willing to stand up to his father and take responsibility from knowing Emma. And as an added bonus, we get William’s old collage friend, Hakim. He is a prince from India, and his “I don’t care what other people think” attitude means you never know what trouble or schemes he will come up with next. Highly recommended to everyone who loves English history, still believes in love, or just enjoys a sweet story with excellent characters.

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Today’s episode is: Seiji! the Fierce Battle in the Darkness!

Now that our heroes are inside the gates of the Youjakai, Arago decides to scatter them and he succeeds with attacks focusing on Natsuei and Jun. Nice going for Shuu catching that truck by the way. Finally, Natsuei and Jun end up with Seiji. They were also driven underground, and Seiji realizes how dangerous that can be, but as soon as they reach outside, not only are they surrounded by more demons, but a building falls where they are, forcing them back inside for shelter, where they face Yami Masho Anubis. He and Seiji face off, but unfortunately, his armor loves sucking light. Seiji has trouble holding of Anubis as well since he can’t see Anubis. Finally, Anubis breaks through Seiji’s defenses, and Seiji starts to fade. Jun decides to save him and grabs the Sakujo and throws it at Anubis. This doesn’t hurt Anubis, but does distract him, and does cause Seiji to renew his fight. Seiji calls his sure kill, and Anubis seems to dislike the light as much as Seiji does the dark. Afterwards, the Sakujo can’t be found and the Troopers are scattered, just as Argo wanted.

Maybe it is just me, but of all the Troopers, Seiji seems to have the hardest time fully connecting with his armor.

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Today’s episode is: Break Through the Gates of Doom.

Our heroes approach the center of town, but thick fog surrounds them. Natsuei remembers her grandfather mentioning this, fog is the moat to a castle with invisible walls that none can pass but spirits. Indeed, a darker area seems to hide where the Youjakai had broken into our world. Kento recklessly goes in, and soon is knocked back out. The barrier attacks the Troopers, and they retreat.

Arago naturally realizes they are there. He allows Rajura to open the gates to trap the Troopers with evil spirits.

The Troopers see this change, and are worried about Natsuei and Jun. After reaching a gate (which is huge), Ryo slaps Jun to get him to leave, also telling how useless he and Natsuei are. The troopers enter the gate and quickly find Rajura. Even working together, their under armor is not enough to beet the Gen Masho, so they try calling their armor, but can’t. Rajura has a field day with our heroes.

Meanwhile, Jun isn’t really mad at Ryo, realizing why his friend acted the way he did, when Byakuen realizes something is wrong with the Troopers. The three return to the gate, but Natsuei and Jun can’t pass, when the Sakujo appears. This allows Natsuei and Jun to enter, and also chases the evil spirits away. That is all Ryo needs to call the Rekka armor and to blow Rajura away. Ryo then apologizes to Jun, who is promptly forgiven. So now the Troopers are inside the gates of the Youjakai.

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