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Today we introduce the three Sakura Video Diaries, presented by none other than our own Tomoyo-chan! Okay, so they are more fun than serious and about five minutes each, but there’s nothing wrong with that:)

The first one features Tomoyo and Sakura, with Kero assisting. Tomoyo is determinedly taping Sakura in various interesting poses and costumes, and then tries to get Sakura to sing a song. That part doesn’t work so well. And Kero mimicking Yukito’s voice behind a life-size cut out of him is hilarious, and Sakura’s reaction is even funnier! As for what this is all about, it is not just a music video. This is Tomoyo’s opening to her (at that point) thirty five episodes she wants to show to the world of Sakura’s exploits! Sound familiar anyone? And as a special treat, we get to see the first opening again, this time with the voice actress doing the singing! It does make you wonder, though. Does Tomoyo have video cameras scattered at strategic places to capture Sakura in all her glory even if Tomoyo isn’t around?

The second one looks like the same scene as the third ending, only Kero is tied up in Sakura’s room to keep him out of the kitchen, and Eirol is over to help with the cooking. The only problem is that cupcakes keep disappearing. It seems Eirol magically let Kero out and Kero is on the hunt for sweets! After Eirol leaves, Tomoyo and Sakura set up a trap by placing a cake in the oven and hiding. Too bad for Kero, there are now two eye witnesses and Tomoyo’s video camera is rolling! Sakura uses the move and illusion cards to help her trap Kero! Eirol naturally knew this would happen and is amused^^;

The third film features Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and Meiling. Yamazaki has been telling stories again: this time about a blue mail box. Much to our hero’s surprise, there is a blue mail box. Meiling things Yamazaki’s eyes open when he tells the truth. It is true that usually his eyes look closed. They look in Sakura’s photo album to confirm this. Why is Yamazaki in all those pictures? Tomoyo had been taping when Yamazaki told the story earlier, and in the film, he indeed does have his eyes open. Yamazaki and Chiharu pass by, and Yamazaki is still talking about the blue mail box. He says those who send love letters from such a box will stay in love forever. Yamazaki has his eyes  open as he says this. Sakura, Syaoran, and Meiling are quite excited at this thought, though for different reasons. Tomoyo is quite amused. It turns out, however, that Chiharu stepped on Yamazaki’s foot which is what actually caused Yamazaki to open his eyes!

I’m sorry I don’t have screencaps for today. The video format was not the right type. However, plan on plenty on Friday when I review the second movie!


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Now that Hikaru has become a Pro, he has his first match to look forward to, which will be against a top Pro. He is very excited when he finds out he will be playing Toya Meijin. But Sai wants to play the Mejin as well. Whoever plays, it will be a match to remember! Later, Sai and Hikaru go to a Go festival. An unscrupulous Pro calls out the protective instincts of both our heroes. And they meet a younger top pro, Kurata Atsushi.

This volume, we see the tension between Sai’s desire to play, and Hikaru’s desire to play on his own escalate. It doesn’t help that Sai becomes increasingly worried that he is disappearing. All in all, an excellent volume.

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Sorry I missed yesterday. Between the holiday and family being here, I got the episode watched, but not posted. So to make up for it, today here are the last two episodes of Card Captor Sakura! And there are tons of screencaps to celebrate!

The first episode is: Sakura Meets Clow Reed.

Sakura finally faces off against Eirol. After introducing himself as the reincarnation of Clow Reed, he magically causes the sun and moon to disappear. Everyone falls asleep except for anyone with magic: Eirol, Ruby Moon, Spinal Sun, Sakura, Syaoran, Kero, and Yue. Since Toya gave all his power to Yue, he is asleep too. The only way to save everyone is to break the darkness by dawn. However, Sakura doesn’t really want to fight Eirol. Yue is particularly upset that Clow didn’t tell them if he was going to return. Ruby Moon and Spinal Sun are happy to face off against Kero and Yue. Eventually, Sakura naturally decides she has to do something about Clow. She sets Shield around Tomoyo and Syaoran, but Windy, Jump, and Fly don’t do the trip. Sakura eventually realizes she still has eight cards to change. Cloud, Shot, Storm, Rain, Silent, and Fight are not problems, but Light and Dark still don’t change. Sakura doesn’t want to, but she adds Kero and Yue to her staff to help give her enough power to change the last two most difficult cards. This still isn’t quite enough, but Sayoran adds his power too, and the last two cards are changed and the darkness is broken. Eirol then says it is over, but disappears along with his cohorts before explaining further. Syaoran finally confesses his feelings to Sakura at the very end, much to her surprise.

The second episode is: Sakura and her True Feelings.

Sakura still is trying to decide how to respond to Syaroan (Tomoyo knows and is both worried and excited) when it is announced at school that Eirol is moving back to England. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran decide to go pay one last visit. At first they are a bit nervous about this, but Eirol actually has been expecting them and throws a party to celebrate. He has actually been helping Sakura save the Clow Cards by changing them to Sakura Cards by creating situations where she would have to change them, since she was too week when she first became Master of the Clow to change them on her own. It also seems that Miss Mizuki, who shows up at the party too, has known about Eirol and everything else for a while now. That is why she returned to Japan earlier, and why she could say nothing about the truth since. It would not have been enough if Sakua had known Eirol was actually helping her. It seems Eirol was unable to predict two things, both concerning the human heart. He thought Yukito would fall for Sakura as the Master of his true form. And Sakura’s heart has also ended up elsewhere. Eirol also invites Yue to speak of the past with him whenever he likes. Eirol is not Clow, the reason he had them find a new Master, but he does have his memories. Eirol is not the only one leaving, though. Now that all the Cards are changed, Syaoran has also been called back to Hong Kong. Sakura is very upset when she hears this. Toya also knows what is going on. Syaoran plans on sneaking of, but Tomoyo finds out that he is leaving the next day and tells Sakura. Sakrua is even more sad, but she creates a new Card. Sakura rushes to the airport. She doesn’t exactly confess her feelings, but she does say she would be pleased to accept his teddy bear and that she will wait for him:)

Thus ends season three of Card Captor Sakura. But the fun isn’t quite over yet. There are three specials and one more movie to go! The specials I will do tomorrow, and The Sealed Card will be up by Friday if all goes well. Enjoy!

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Sorry about missing yesterday. I was a bit under the weather. To make up for it, here are two episodes.

The first episode is: Sakura, Syaoran and the Tsukimine Shrine.

Thanks to Syaoran in the previous episode, Sakura is back to her normal cheerful self, and Sakura wants to properly thank him. So Sakura invites him to go to a festival with her the next weekend. Sakura has more than that in mind, however, which causes her to loose some sleep – very worrying to Syaoran. Plenty of blushing by Syaroan in this episode, by the way:) When the big day arrives, Sakura is ready with the second part of her thank you gift for Syaoran: a home made scarf. Tomoyo has of course been invited as well (what a great chance to film Sakura!) as well as Toya and Yukito. Inviting Yukito is Sakura’s way of letting him know she is fine now and accepts what he told her. Yukito is equally worried about Toya being tired and being startled by Sakura. But Toya says not to worry about it. Toya is more worried about Syaoran, given his interest in Sakura. Sakura does a fortune reading at the moon pond and sees a mysterious figure at the center of Clow’s magic circle. Eirol ends up interfering again by bringing a horse in a picture to life. When Woody doesn’t work, Sakura and Syaroan double team the horse, Syaoran with wind spirits to knock it in the pool and Sakura finishes it off with the Thunder Card. Unfortunately, during the fight, the electric lines were cut. So the festival won’t end, Sakura then uses the Glow Card to provide light for the party.

The second episode is: Sakura, the Past and Clow Reed.

Eirol sends a letter to someone. He then decides to torment Sakura with miniature snow men. Sakura turns the tables, though, when she uses the Snow Card. One note, there seems to have been a barrier which prevented Yue from getting close. Sakura, however, is worried about what is happening and also about being able to fill Clow’s shoes so to speak. With Kero’s permission, she decides to use the Return Card to speak with Clow herself. She makes a pinkie promise with Syaoran to be careful. She indeeds does see Clow with Kero and Yue. Only Clow sees her, though. Clow assures Sakura that she can be her self. Sakura also sees Clow’s last day. Yue especially is upset by this and doesn’t want a new master. When Sakura returns and reports, she remembers that the house she saw Clow in looked like Eirol’s house. But neither Kero or Yue remember being there. Why? More interference from Clow. Eirol makes his appearance, finally showing his real self, much to the surprise of everyone else. What does Eirol, aka Clow Reed, really want?

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Today’s episode is: Sakura and the Person she Likes Most.

This is another one of my favorite episodes. The film made last episode is shown at the cultural festival at Toya’s school to great acclaim. Yukito is fully aware that he is also Yue now, a fact which is a bit distressing to him. Toya, of course, doesn’t care, he just wants Yukito around. Only one problem. Now it is Toya who is tired all the time after giving up all his magic. Before going off to take a nap though, he does make his dislike of Syaoran and suspicion of Eirol clear. Both Sakura and Syaoran do plenty of blushing as well. Sakura is happy since she gets to spend time with Yukito. And Yukito has a good time too, but he is more worried about Toya. While in a star show that the school made, Sakura confesses her feelings for Yukito. Yukito tells Sakura that her feelings for him are like her feelings for her father. Sakrua thinks about this, and they are . . . mostly. Skaura realizes as well that the one Yukito cares most for is Toya, which is fine. And Yukito assures her that one day she will find her most important person. At this point, the two are interrupted by Eirol who magically breaks several of the stars. Yue immediately apperas. Sakura goes racing after Clow’s presence after changing Maze and Illusion to hide what is really happening from normal people entering the exhibit. Syaoran goes racing in when he too feels Clow’s presence. He meets up with Yue, who had lost Sakura. Sakura in the mean time has found Eirol, but he makes her forget since it is not yet the time for her to remember. Eventually, Yue and Eirol find Sakrua fainted and revive her. The only thing she can remember is Clow’s magic circle was there. Later, as Syaoran walks her home, Sakura tells him about her conversation with Yukito. She now realizes what Tomoyo meant, it is better for the person you love to be happy than for them to love you in return. She still cries about it, and Syaoran offers both a handkerchief and a shoulder.

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Today’s episode is: Sakura and Yukito with the Disappearing Power.

This is one of my favorite episodes:) So Toya’s class is making a movie for the cultural festival. Nakuru is directing, much to her delight, especially since Toya and Yukito are the leads. Plenty of chances to annoy Toya particularly. Sakura even gets invited to do a bit part, much to Tomoyo’s delight. One thing I want to know: who chose the script and how did they choose something so close to what was really going on? We also get plenty of Syaoran blushing. However, things take a turn for the worse when Yukito faints during the last scene . . . on a balcony. Sakura uses Windy to save him. But he is still disappearing. Toya has finally had enough, chases Nakuru away (she is very disappointed about this) and finally has his talk with Yukito. Toya has known all along that Yuktio was not exactly human. Hearing this, Yue comes out. Since Toya realizes Yue (and therefore Yukito) is disappearing, he agrees to give Yue all his power, if Yue will keep an eye on Sakura for him, but not at his own expense. Sakura is very upset about all of this, but Yue comforts her. Kero is surprised as well. And over all Eirol watches . . .

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Here are my first impressions of the third season.

Yuri has been away from Shin Makoku for a while this time. Long enough that the leaders of the Mazoku have taken the first steps in choosing the next Maou. But Yuri does get back . . . after escaping his family^^; He of course brings Ken along.

Things are not all as peaceful as it seems, though. Yuri may be back, but not all the noble families want Yuri as Maou. Particularly Wolfram’s Uncle is a problem, though I can see his point. Yuri was not raised in Shin Makoku or as a Maou, and he keeps disappearing too. This causes problems with Wolfram, and he goes home. Yuri of course can’t accept this and goes after him. And Shinou just has to stick himself into the situation as well, after telling Yuri to be Maou on his own.

Not a bad intro to the season, though I thought at least the Mazoku were no longer a problem. And Shinou, Ken doesn’t want to babysit you any more. When are we going to see more of Sararegi? And the animation seems more inconsistant than the first two seasons. If you’ve gotten this far, you’ll enjoy it. And it did make me laugh several times so far.

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