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Today’s Episode is: Sakura and the Injured Card.


I don’t think the Dash Card really meant any harm, but it sure is feisty. It is injured by Windy, and still gets away and ends up being taken in by Rei. Rei is a sprinter on the track team at Sakura’s school, and she sees the Dash Card, who she names PeeWee, as her good luck charm since she starts running better once he comes into her life. Sakura sees this and doesn’t have the heart to capture Dash until the tournament is over. Things of course don’t work out exactly as planned, Syaoran ends up getting the card, and Sakura learns a lesson in friendship. All in all, a nice episode.


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Sorry I missed Card Captor Sakura yesterday. I went to a conference. But the good news is we got our main entertainment center fixed, which is also where the exercise bike is:)

So I read Fruits Basket #19 this past week. Some interesting things happen. We get the closest thing to a look at the real Shigure we have yet seen. No wonder Hatori calls Shigure a terrible person. Yet, you can’t really blame Syigure really, though possibly you can blame the way he handles it, especially using Tohoru.

We also get a look at Momiji’s grown-up look. Just as Hatsuharu predicted in a much earlier volume, Momiji does look quite handsome. But he still acts like himself. Rather funny to see the new Momiji still sucking on lollipops:P

We also get to meet Kakeru’s girlfriend, Komaki. I like her:) She and Kakeru are a good match:) And we also find out how Kakeru knew Tohoru from before. It turns out that Komaki’s Dad was the one driving the car that hit Tohru’s Mom. He was killed instantly.

And we also get more brotherly love between Yuuki and Ayame when Yuuki visits the store again:)

Finally, it seems that most of the cast know how Tohoru and Kyo feel about each other. But those two still aren’t ready to admit it yet^^;

As a postscript, the TokyoPop version usually has fan art and such at the end. This one has an American doujinshi. I’ve seen better art, I’ve seen worse personally. As for the story, parts of it had the characters spot on and was very funny as a result. Part was . . . interesting.

Volume #20 comes out in June or July. This means Fruits Basket will most likely finish being released next year finally!

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Today’s episode is: Sakura’s Sweet Cooking. Too many cute pictures again;)


This episode has Sakura’s class making cakes. Sakura and Syaoran are excited to share the ones they make with Yukito, while Meiling has visions of wedding cakes. Too bad baking is a skill she has not acquired yet. Kero is quite excited to get more sweets:p And of course there is a bit of teasing from Toya, and Miss Mizuki being mysterious again. Too bad the Sweet Card has to complicate things for the cooking class! I guess there is such a thing as something that is too sweet^^;

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First, sorry about missing yesterday. The short version of the story is that we got a new cable box, and it messed things up. So the main DVD player is down. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon.


Today’s episode is: Sakura and the Enchanted Cards.

Meiling really does care about winning Syaoran. Too bad the Shot Card took advantage of this fact. Sakura is too cute being scared of cooking in oil. I can’t exactly blame her, it is frightening if you don’t know what you’re doing. We get Tomoyo taping Sakura again, Syaoran being embarrassed around Yukito, Syaroan trying to avoid Meiling, and Toya teasing Sakura again. And it was clever using the Mirror Card to stop the Shot Card. Funny that the Clow Cards have a counterpart in every-day life.

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Today’s episode is: Sakura and the Shrine of Memories.


So now we know exactly how Toya met Miss Mizuki in the past, thanks to the Return Card. And speaking of the Return Card, that is the third card Syaoran manages to get. It is interesting that Syaoran manages to get some of the most difficult cards to handle, demonstrated in this episode by Time and Return. Sakura has gotten many more cards, but as far as difficulty, the only cards she has that approach that level are the element cards: Windy and Watery (and eventually Firey and Earthy as well), but Time and Return are on a whole different level. And today is the first time we see Syaoran get really embarrassed because of  Sakura as opposed to Yukito^^; In all fairness to him, though, he was exhausted at the time because of using, well, Time. We also get Sakura getting very floaty around Miss Mizuki, just like she does Yukito. And an interesting discussion between Sakura and Syaoran about how they came to like Yukito and why.

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Tsubasa OVA

Okay, so here is my review after watching Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations all the way through, and yes that includes the final part. Spoilers will abound, so don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

First, my impressions of the third OVA. Wow. More consistent overall, and some great scenes. Anything with Yuuko in it — they did a great job with her wherever she showed up. The scene where Fai becomes a vampire was very well animated. And Sakura’s scenes where she goes off to get payment for Yuuko, also very well done. Great character development from Fai and Kurogane. I just love the way Kurogane strips away Fai’s mask repeatedly.

And the big surprise, the inclusion of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. This was not in the manga. This convinces me even more of the connections (more so than with anything else CLAMP has written with the exception of Xxxholic of course). Now all we can do is hope that CLAMP will finish the series and have the chance to animate more of it too:)

Overall, I enjoyed the OVA more than the first two seasons. Part of it is the story. It isn’t the seasons’ fault that the OVA got arguably the pivotal point in the story. The animation isn’t perfect, but overall is better. And I love the fast pace of the story. The seasons basically did one manga chapter per episode. In the OVAs, we get one tankubon per episode. You can argue that not all of the story would work as well at such a fast pace, but for such a pivotal part it worked perfectly.

For those who have only scene the two series, be warned the OVA is much more violent and intense. For those who have read the manga, this is an excellent addition to the Tsubasa cannon. And for those who are discovering Tsubasa for the first time through the OVA, well previous knowledge probably does help some, but is not required.

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Today’s episode is: Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher.


Yep, we only saw a glance of her at the end of the last episode, but today we are formally introduced to Mizuki Kaho, Sakura’s new teacher. She also has some magic -pretty powerful magic to break the maze that the Maze Card made! – and she has ties to Toya. Sakura really likes her, Syaoran doesn’t trust her.

The Maze Card really was very tricky, no wonder Sakura was late to dinner. And Meiling and Sakura wanting to get love charms at the shrine is too funny! Yeah, Meiling, I hate to say it, but I think your relationship with Syaoran needs a love charm:p

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