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Today’s episode is: Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Mansion.

Tomoyo’s family sure has an impressive house! And Sonomi sheds more light on how much she liked Nedeshiko, and why she hates Fujitaka. And we get more food angst from Kero. And Kero doesn’t like traveling with Sakura very much since she has a tendency to stuff him in her bag. Finally, we get the first sneeze gag of the series.

Kero can’t breath when he travels via Sakura!


Sakura and Kero are impressed with the Daidouji estate. I would be to o_O


Tomoyo has a room with a huge screen just to watch Sakura’s exploits.


This is the way Sonomi remembers Nadeshiko.


First sneeze gag done in Card Captor Sakura, thanks to Sonomi talking about Sakura’s Dad. I don’t think he minds too much though.


Kero wants his cake now!


All is well in the world now for Kero:p


Sakura loves her mom even though they had such a short time together.



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Today’s episode is: Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers.

The most important thing about this episode is we are introduced to Tomoyo’s mom Sonomi and find out about her relationship with Nedeshiko, Sakura’s Mom. We are also introduced to Flower, a very lovely and fun-loving card, a bit too fun-loving, but also rather useless. Still, she is not entirely useless as Sakura proves at the end of the Episode. And Yamazaki tackling Syaoran to make him stay at the medical station on duty instead of chasing after the Clow Card was also very funny too. Got to give Syaoran points for enthusiasm at least!

Sakura sure loves sports and P.E.!


Sakura also loves cheerleading!


And Tomoyo is on site to tape every moment:p


Meet Tomoyo’s Mom, Sonomi.


But why is she so surprised?


Can it be she is surprised to see Sakura’s Dad there?


Is Kero more upset that there is another Clow Card attack or that he just lost at a video game? You decide.


Flower is lovely and fun-loving, but a little too enthusiastic in sharing the love.


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Today’s episode is called: Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch. This time we go after the Sword card, not the easiest thing in the world to do since it possessed Sakura’s friend Rika. It’s actually kind of sad since Rika went out of her way to cheer Sakura up earlier. And Sakura’s reaction to Tomoyo’s statement that Syaoran is her rival not only for the Clow Cards but also for Yukito’s affections was priceless! And on a note about Kero, he loves to eat and can often be found playing video games in Sakura’s room when she’s out.

Meet Sakura’s friend Rika! She has an older boyfriend and is thought to be mature for her age.


This is how Tomoyo sees Sakura:p


Is Kero more upset about Sword being on a rampage or about not getting desert?


Rika possessed by Sword. How will Sakura save the day?


Stopping Sword is hard to do!


Rika called her dearest love “sensei”. I wonder who it could be?


Kero still doesn’t like Syaoran.


And Syaoran and Toya don’t like each other either. And Syaoran is a pyromaniac.


Card Captor Sakura‘s love triangle: Sakura, Syaoran, and Yukito. Who will win whose heart?


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Sorry about missing Friday. My sister with the nieces an nephew were over again.

So we finally get to episode #8: Sakura’s Rival Appears. This is one of my favorite episodes, primarily since we are introduced to Li Syaoran. Several key points: Syaoran initially has a low opinion of Sakura’s ability to recapture the Clow Cards, Toya and Syaoran immediately dislike each other, Syaoran immediately falls for Yukito making him clumsy and embaressed around him, and Syaoran and Kero also don’t get along (mostly because of Syaoran’s opinion about Sakura).

This is the first major complication in this show:)

Since this is one of my favorite episodes, extra screencaps today:p

No offense Kero, but I would probably be startled too if this was the first thing I saw in the morning.


Meet Li Syaoran, aka Sakura’s rival.


Toya to the rescue! No one messes with his sister except for him.


Usually, Syaoran is cool and composed. This, however, is the effect Yukito has on him.


It’s okay, Sakura. The Clow Cards still like you, even if Syaoran doesn’t. Yet.


Careful, Sakura! Thunder is a tricky card to handle.


Syaoran’s opinion of Sakura is still unchanged. But for how long?


Mess with Sakura, mess with the Guardian Beast of the Seal! Yes, Kero really did bite Syaoran’s finger:p


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First, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added screencaps to all the Card Captor Sakura episodes. We’ll see if I can keep up with that.

Today’s episode is Sakura’s First Attempt As A Thief. Well, she’s not exactly a thief since the Clow Cards don’t belong to anyone at the moment. But since the Card is in a museum, Sakura has to act a bit like a thief to get in. Sakura practices drawing for an upcoming art project using Kero as a model. Unfortunately, Kero doesn’t like the results and changes it. Sakrua finds this out at the most opportune moment – in the museum! And trying to us Kero and a flashlight to scare the boy, err girl, Yuuki off was quite funny too! Not that it ever had a great chance of working.

Kero will pose for anyone:p


I am the Kero of Christmas Past!


If you are noisy in the museum, Silent will kick you out.


Yuuki is really a cute girl!


Who could this boy be I wonder? Tomorrow’s episode may hold the answer! (Actually, it does.)


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Sorry for the delay. Monday was a holiday (hooray for President’s Day!) so we had family over. And then yesterday, I forgot to post:p So today, two reviews.

Yesterday’s Episode was Sakura, Panda, and the Cute Shop. When a new shop in town opens, mayhem follows – all due to a Clow Card of course. This one is the Jump card. As Kero says, rather violent but really pretty stupid. He end’s up doing in himself. We are also introduced to the shop’s owner, Matsumoto Maki. Her story is rather sweet. Her fiance wanted to run a shop that sells stuffed animals designed by him, but he ended up passing away. So Maki has the shop for him. And much to Chiharu’s delight, there is indeed a stuffed panda. Too bad it causes so much trouble at first thanks to Jump!

Today’s episode was: Sakura and Her Memories of Her Mother. Here we get our first bit of information on her back story, being a model. Also, we get more on Toya and Sakura’s back story. Toya it seems can see ghosts and spirits. Sakura it seems can’t see them, but she can feel them there. Hence her fear of ghosts which we see in this episode for the first time. We also see Toya’s protective side as well. As he puts it, he’s the only one allowed to mess with his sister:) Such a loving brother! And we also have Sakura being rescued by Yukito. This leads us to Yukito’s house where we learn he lives with his grandparents. Finally, Toya’s expression when he sees his mother’s spirit for the first time since Junior High is priceless!

Ah, the plot thickens! Not really . . . yet. But even this early there is information and events that are crucial later on in the series. Got to love CLAMP for this!

Edit: Screencaps for episode #5.

The lovely Sakura skating to school. What adventures will she encounter today?


The new neighborhood shop owner Matsumoto Maki.


The infamous stuffed panda.


Chiharu loves the panda anyway.


The Jump card really is stupid. Just as well considering his temperament.


Screen caps from episode 6.

Sakura doesn’t like scary stories at all.


Now everyone is scared, not just Sakura.


Sakura has her Mom watching over her, even though she is gone. This is the way it should be. Too bad Sakura can’t see her herself.


Surprise Toya, look who came for a visit! Your mother!


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Well, yesterday I shoveled snow for four hours, so I didn’t exercise. Today,I watched Card Captor Sakura episode #4: Sakura’s Tiring Sunday. Poor Sakura and Kero having to clean the house twice because of the antics primarily of Rain, but also Wood. Their reaction near the end when they realize this is great! And I don’t think Kero should be put in charge of the laundry portion of the chores next time. Not that he doesn’t do a good job, but he keeps falling in the washer! Thank goodness Tomoyo came to the rescue with lunch and her camera!

Edit: Screencaps!

Good effort, Kero, but maybe you shouldn’t be put on laundry duty.


Yukito as Sakura sees him.


Yikes, what a mess! Thank goodness Tomoyo is there to help now!


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